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    RULES: The Writers Workshop Rulebook & Information Hub

    A new Sunday, a new sundae! Announcements As said here, Trainers of Fanfiction 2019 will be coming really soon, and the theme will be "family members". We hope you all are looking forward to this year's version of this exciting event! New Releases World Poetry Day 2019 Community Collab by...
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    Controversial opinions

    Okay, guys! General reminder to be respectful toward other people and their opinions, and to keep conversations civil and friendly. People should feel free to express their opinions about the anime and its elements -- more so in this thread about unpopular opinions -- without being targeted...
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    Ash vs Sawyer or Ash vs Alain?

    Ash vs. Sawyer, definitely. It had better choreography and the two fighters were more on even grounds with all their Pokémon. A lot of Alain's Pokémon seemed more like fodder with the sole purpose of filling teamslots, to be honest.
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    April 2019 Trainers of Fanfiction Announcement

    I really like the "family" theme, too. There are many times in which the family members are left by the sidelines and don't get enough focus, so this could be a nice way to showcase them and their traits and quirks. I would be all for that.
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    The 5 Minute Drawing Game

    Now, for something nice: a Cutiefly! :3
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    The 5 Minute Drawing Game

    uses Max Revive on the thread Now, may the next artist draw a Scorbunny! ^^
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    What's your opinion on the XY/XYZ saga?

    Okay, peeps! Enough with the uncalled jabs toward other users just because they happen to like what you don’t like or vice versa. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions about elements of the anime and should feel free to express what they think about them, without being targeted for having...
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    Your first starter

    My very first starter was a Bulbasaur. I had gotten it in my Pokémon Red game, and I found out it was a female when I traded it temporarily on Pokémon Silver. It was my MVP, from what I recall.
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    ATTENTION: Generation 8 - Choose Your Starter!

    Definitely Scorbunny. Rabbits are among my favorite animals and I’ve always wished to get a fire rabbit. It’s a no-brainer for me. But the other two are still really adorable! ^^
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    CHALLENGE: The Monthly Art Prompt Thread

    waves art wand It looks like it’s been quite some time since we have had a new theme. Time to fix that! :3 Here’s the monthly prompt for ya! Starters Hype: “With the new starters revealed, why don’t we celebrate that with some nice fanart?” Have fun with this new prompt! ^^
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    TEEN: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Delta Dossiers
    Threadmarks A002 - B.L.A.D.E. (File 2)

    A002 – B.L.A.D.E. Part II ----- ✲drip✲ ✲drip✲ ✲drip✲ “…Okay, I had forgotten what I dislike the most about this cave…” muttered Peter, just before a drop of water fell on his head. Yipping in shock, he shook his head furiously, before pouting and grumbling to himself. “All this dampness! I...
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    Writers Workshop General Chat Thread

    Scorbunny all the way! I’m gonna call it like my late bunny: Bobo.
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    SPOILERS Official Pokémon Sword and Shield speculation thread (Updated March 10th, 2019)

    I find this kind of change a tad too drastic, tbh. There is no reference to Scorbunny's design about turning into a sort of... mecha-rabbit. It's a cool design, imo, but seems a bit fake-y to me right now.
  14. Cresselia92

    Sword or Shield?

    By name, I’m inclined toward Sword, especially if the Pokémon will be more offense-oriented. However, I’m gonna wait until we know about version differences and other things.
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    Starters Discussion

    Wooh! A poll has been added! clicks on Scorbunny