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    PREVIEW: SS017: ???

    Huh… are we watching the same show? I really hope it’s a new move. Something like Flame Charge would be nice for an inexperienced Pokémon like Scorbunny.
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    Mr. Mime belongs to Ash according to the official twitter?

    All this talk about Mimey makes me wonder if it would have been a better idea to just have James reclaim Mime Jr, make it evolve and have it act like Detective Pikachu’s Mr. Mime. If all, that would have also given an excuse to make Team Rocket appear more often, too.
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    RULES: The Writers' Workshop Rulebook & Information Hub

    Gettin' fired up! Announcements So, a bit of an announcement here: we’re looking for volunteers who could help us with the Review League. Namely, we are looking for artists and reviewers to issue the various prizes. If you are interested, send a PM to either Beth Pavell or unrepentantAuthor...
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    Gou has got to be the worst thing to happens to the pokemon anime

    Alright, time to end this discussion. Creating threads to bash anime characters is a no-no in this section, as it does nothing more than create a negative atmosphere and doesn't contribute to a healthy discussion in any way. Neo Blaze had already made the A&M's stance about Go and discussions...
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    Pokémon Evolution/Capture/Release Thread

    Okay, everyone, general reminder that this thread is to discuss about potential captures of the various characters and whether some Pokémon will evolve/be released, not to be used as a soapbox to complain about Gou and his capture-based goal. Thank you and carry on.
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    Trope of the Month February: The Chosen One

    That is basically what an Unchosen One is — someone who hasn’t been picked by some random prophecy or entity, but that they choose to do something because they want to. Basically, they choose themselves to do something, like defeating the big bad or solving a conflict, of their own volition. I...
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    RULES: Pokémon Anime and Manga Rules (Updated Aug. 9, 2017)

    The Anime & Manga staff has been made aware of some recent events happening in the section, which have been cause of general discontent among users. The case at hand involves the character Gou, who has gotten the label of “psychopath” and has been described as such by multiple people and in...
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    REVIEW: SS010: The Kairyu Paradise and Hakuryu's Ordeal!

    Extremely low, if not straight up impossible. What reasons would they have to trade both Pokémon, to begin with? Scorbunny likes Gou and Dragonite likes Ash, so they have no reason altogether to swap Trainers. It would feel like a big cop-out and kick in the butt if this scenario happened, but...
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    POPULAR: Cliches in Pokémon Fanfiction

    Those are fics which have the literal purpose of "fixing" a story, and are usually written by people who are unhappy / angry about some events from official stories or series. Some of them can even reach revenge status, where some character(s) who have been mishandled or got away with it gets...
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    POPULAR: Character Development Den (Questions)

    Barbara: “I wake up, turn on the computer and chat with people on social media. That’s my morning routine…” *Pauses.* “Or rather, that used to be my morning routine. Now I have to wake up early in the morning, eat a cookie and an apple, and go to the OMI to get my butt kicked by some random...
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    POPULAR: Cliches in Pokémon Fanfiction

    Well, I have three Dark-types that come to mind from Delta Dossiers, and none of them is “evil” per se. However, they all have to struggle with in-universe prejudices. These are the most revelant ones. • Barbara, the Zorua: The main character of my fanfic and former human. While she has a...
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    POPULAR: Cliches in Pokémon Fanfiction

    Not sure if this is a cliche or not. Probably it’s an overused trope more than anything, but here it is: Legendary Pokémon being some kind of big group and having meetings and conferences from time to time, as if they were some international leaders. They are usually portrayed in the games as...
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    RULES: The Writers' Workshop Rulebook & Information Hub

    Iris used Poke! It's not very effective... Announcements February is slowly approaching, but winter is still persistent. We hope you all have been equally persistent in terms of writing goals. Oh, and I guess you should get ready for the incoming Trope of the Month! That's all, folks! Until...
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    TEEN: uA's "Different Eyes" [Chapter Six]

    Secret Santa's time! :D Well, this has been a really nice (re)read! I'll go over each chapter as best as I can. Ready? Ready. --- Prelude Press talk, huh? That's an interesting way to start a story, I'd say. So, in this world, Pokémon are essentially the equivalent of Japanese monsters. It's...
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    SwSh Sword & Shield: Expansion Pass

    From what I’ve read, it’s 30$ to get both expansions.