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  • I have no idea what is wrong :/ My connection works, I traded with some one earlier. All I can think of is either middle man trade or gts. Not too keen on gts though.
    If you can't sort your router/static IP I'll post a request :) Do you know some one we can trust? We don't want some middle man nabbing our legendarys :/
    yea but right about now i'm pretty sure it's my network not urs. right now i'm trying to find out how to " Create a manual connection on your Nintendo DS and assign a static IP Address" that should fix the problem, but yea i guess we can ask on the traders forum
    I think our best option would be to do a middle man one, think we can ask on the traders forum?

    Yeah, I wasn't too impressed with Vanilite and it's evo's either, but it's grown on me now though :) And yeah, It's annoying how they reset Pikachu all the time :/
    lol yea the whole ice cream cone, and a fake taurous with an afro, not to mention how they didnt build on the previous gen pokemon like a pachritzu (definitely spelled that wrong lol) evolution. not to mention in the cartoon ash is lik 15 again after four seasons like from the end of last season to this season they changed him back to a kid. & frankly im tired of seeing ash's pikachu (which should far past level 100) lose a battle to a snivy. ugh disgusting lol & thats my black/white rant:)
    Haha, fair enough, although I would recommend them, once you get past the weird Pokémon designs, the games are awesome! Anyway, going in now, see you in five :)
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