• Snowy sets out into the Wild Area and encounters a giant Pokemon lurking in a den. Watch here as Snowy goes head to head with the massive Pokemon.
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    Glimwood Tangle Live Stream

    Think I heard a Phantump?
  2. Crysta Blade

    SPOILERS Official Pokémon Sword and Shield speculation thread (Updated June 5th, 2019)

    Japanese names for fun, with what I think some of the name origins are: Wooloo: ウールー Ūrū (same name, different spelling with 'u' being used for the 'wu' sound) Gossifleur: ヒメンカ Himenka (menka means cotton wool) Eldegoss: ワタシラガ Watashiraga (wata means cotton, shiraga means white/grey hair)...
  3. Crysta Blade

    Box legendaries?

    The official site describes them like this: Zacian: Its shining blade can cut through anything. Zamazenta: Its gleaming shield can turn back any attack. Which got me thinking about a particular story... Courtesy of the Wiktionary page: Hence the Chinese word for contradiction being made up...
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    Starters Discussion

    All very cute designs! I like them! Dropping the starter's names in other languages for reference, in Grass/Fire/Water order: German: Chimpep, Hopplo, Memmeon French: Ouistempo, Flambino, Larméléon Japanese: サルノリ (Sarunori), ヒバニー (Hibunny), メッソン (Messon) What I've noticed about the Japanese...
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    SPOILERS: USUM Datamine Discussion

    I don't know who gets what, but I found in the game text file new clothing options. For some reason, the Pokémon Centre Nurse Cap is listed twice: The Active stuff I assume is boy protag default, same with Vacation set and girl protag. The Karate and Nurse clothes are rewards for completing the...
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    SPOILERS: USUM Datamine Discussion

    Looking through the game text files, it looks like we can get a Team Skull hat. Guess they noticed how popular the tank top was.
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    SPOILERS: Rumours/Fakes/Leaks Discussion Thread (V2)

    They could both be official. One guide focused on the Alolan Dex, the other for every Pokémon.
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    SPOILERS: Rumours/Fakes/Leaks Discussion Thread (V2)

    Looks like just pictures of all Pokémon in National Dex order to me. Otherwise we'd only have Pokémon from Kanto/Johto/Hoenn in US/UM.
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    US/UM Trailers and News Discussion

    Other observations: Zygarde's been shunted off into a wormhole. Ouch. It makes more sense, but it feels like the poor snake gets no respect. In other news, water is wet. Pausing in the 5 minute Japanese trailer, Lysandre's Pyroar looks to be in a Master Ball. Also from that trailer, Giovanni...
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    US/UM Trailers and News Discussion

    And they've changed up the Island Scan Pokémon, too, with the English trailer showing Charmander, Grovyle and Greninja. Think it's safe to assume the other Kanto/Hoenn/Kalos starters will show up as well. So only the Sinnoh starters aren't catchable in any Alola games. Hmm...
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    US/UM Trailers and News Discussion

    So it looks like RR have multiple bases, since one of them's in the Festival Plaza. Maybe we'll be fighting alongside Sophocles for that one...
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    Which Game Will You Be Playing?

    Will pick up both, but I'm thinking of playing Ultra Moon first. Since the version exclusives seem to match the previous games so far, that may mean we won't be able to get all the clothes without messing around with the Festival Plaza again *sigh*. Should it be the case of warm colours in...
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    SPECULATION: What's this prism-looking white silhouette?

    Thinking of the eyes as Necrozma watching, something that came to my mind is like Necrozma as a puppetmaster, pulling strings behind the scenes as it were before it directly takes action. Then I guess that'd make Solgaleo/Lunala the puppet in that scenario.
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    Pokémon Direct (June 6th)

    Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon on 3DS. Nice.
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    REVIEW: SM027: Come Forth! The Red, Red Gaze of Lugarugan!!

    Y'know, it's kinda funny to me that people are calling Mr. Ow-the-Stone-EDGElord a serious character. Come on, he unironically refers to his Lycanroc as "The Crimson Gaze" and poses like he's a Jojo character. That's what I was wondering. I think Lillie mentioned that Gladion didn't used to be...