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  • It's so rare to find someone that knows Negima let alone has read the whole manga :eek: it's particularly one of my favorite shonen action manga.
    Oh, it's Midoriya Izuku :eek: he's the protagonist of this shonen action manga that's getting an anime in a couple of weeks. It takes place in a world where the majority of people have some kind of super power or "Quirk" and focuses on a class of aspiring heroes at a super hero academy. It's really simple when you put it into a summary but the series is surprisingly character driven xD;
    I'm really liking it so far myself xD; it's...kind of what I imagine it would be like if they made a series about th efirst cast grown up.
    Good question. Depending on when Adventure Tri finishes, which I can see in 2017, I'm guessing the next one would be in 2018 or 2019 as well. Cyber Sleuth is doing well? That's good to hear... I still kinda wish Cyber Sleuth was available on the 3DS, since the other Digimon Story games were on the DS.
    Continuing on from my last message.

    Though they seem to be fine with reusing old Digimon, so I'm not sure what their reason is.
    Old Digimon being used as part of the main cast in a new series would be nice. Besides Adventures for obvious reasons, aren't the only ones that did it Digimon Frontier (Patamon) and Savers (Agumon)? Not sure if Xros Wars would count.

    I guess they prefer to use new Digimon for new series because they want the main cast to be completely new?
    Yeahh, completely new stories with new ideas is better IMO. I'm not sure what else they can do right now though.

    I can see them designing new Digimon. Don't they pretty much do that for about each series?
    I prefer Digimon Savers too! It feels more natural compared to the others, though I still need to finish it... I noticed that the Digimon were too big and that bugged me as well.

    Adventures was alright, though I wish they'd move on from it. They could give the other series a sequel, but I think I'd prefer something new.
    Yeahh, I tend to find the X-Digimon cooler than the original version. I wouldn't mind if Bandai made more of them. Which of the anime seasons do you like?
    Yeah, same here.

    Hm... Speaking of X-Evolution. Is there any Digimon you'd like to see with an X-Antibody form?
    Dorumon is a pretty great line. I remember watching X-Evolution.

    Huh... Well that's lame. I'm guessing they're doing that based on his looks? Though that isn't really much of a good excuse. Hopefully in the future Alphamon is a protagonist in the anime.
    Mhmm. That's true.

    Ooh. That sounds like it'd be an interesting read.

    I'm curious... What's your favorite Digimon? I'm not 100% sure on mine, but I'd say it's either... Garurumon or Dorulumon.
    I feel sorry for the series sometimes. But it's nice to see another fan.

    I wasn't planning to copy-paste it, I dislike those kinds of people. I'm not all that into writing fics. I was thinking of PMD where some Digimon enter the world. Unless you already have that for your fic?

    I think I've read a few, but that was a long time ago. I remember I did write some PMD fics, but that was when I was around 10~11.
    Helloo. I've seen you around on here a couple of times. It seems like you're into Digimon as well?

    I think I've read something about you mentioning something on Porygon's status and that's gotten me a bit curious. It made me kind of tempted to make a comic involving Porygon entering the Digital World and meeting some Digimon.
    Well it is true that just because it's doing well it doesn't mean it can't do better.
    Well, maybe we're just not its audience anymore xD; I mean the anime is still one of the most popular anime in all of japan so kids seem to love it at least.
    That being said I think Vincent had been a trainer for longer than Jimmy and Marina...or was it the other way around.
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