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  • I learn japanese just so that I can read your story >:C though it might take me a while.
    I did liked friend better than following myself D:

    I still have a year of college left myself, but ever since I've started writing's kind of taken a backseat to it >.< I still write but it's not as frequen ast before sadly.

    You had to rewrite it completely? o.o
    Well a good writer always has to give it their all c: but I know it's a fic I'd like just from the logo xD I know it shouldn't be enough to judge but I just get that feeling. I've pretty much spent a long time doing research on things to make my writing better myself

    How far along are you with it? I mean writing two fics is troublesome :eek: at least it's always been for me.
    Oh okay then xD I'll ask a million questions then :O (just kidding)

    Oh I see, so you wouldn't want people to get confused with both fics once the journey one starts out for real. Still the logo looks amazing xD you must've put a lot of work into it.

    So the journey fic is like a prequel of sorts? and those names actually sound pretty cool, at least to me xD I'm glad to finally know what it's called.
    Did you make it yourself? xD and what's the name of it? also what's it about? also I'm asking too many questions >.<
    No problem :eek: plus you like Adventure AND Digimon so that's great xD

    And sadly I can't ;-; I wish I could, it's probably weird I don't know that much considering how much anime I watch. But yeah it's really sad cause I've honestly wanted to read your fic ever since the first time I saw your banner, I don't know if your banner is about your fic but it still looks amazing and I love both Pokemon and Digimon.
    You know, I've always seen you around but I don't think we've actually think we've actually talked that much so, hello :eek:
    That's okay! I just wanted to show you an example of a bad Pokefic, with the pink and blue shapeshifting eevee I mentioned in the cliches thread. And yeah, it is pretty bad and poorly written.
    If you're interested, the bad fan fic I mentioned is called Attack of Mewtwo. Someone else reposted the fan fic, which was previously removed: www. fanfiction. net/s/10299096/1/pokemon-attack-of-mewtwo (Warning: Bad grammar and Mary Sue-ness in abundance. Also, apparently comments don't like URLs, so just backspace the spaces)
    Ah, and forget to added, if you account the electronic technology of the Pokemon Storage System, and if you account My Pokemon Ranch on Wii as canon, than the electronic technology of Pokemon World already suggested the possibility of existence of Digimon and Digimon World.
    Not to mention the Poké Balls themselves. They haven't been touched upon at all, but the idea that they actually contain a virtual environment is more fitting than alternative interpretations.
    That's an interesting way to use PorygonZ. Do you see it as a Pokémon/Digimon hybrid, or just an evil Pokémon that traveled to the Digimon World?
    I didn't expect you will become interested in my fanfic...... What a surprise.
    I asked you about it earlier this year. I know I can't read it, but I'd like to know the general outline of the story.

    It is now turned into movies of 6 parts, the first one will be aired only in November of this year. When Bandai Visual changed the air schedule and work type of Tri. once and once again, I highly doubted its story quality. But I'm still hoping it will surprise me in the end.
    I don't see the problem with six movies apart from the waiting time. They should be comparable to 20-24 episodes, and I don't think any anime series should be longer than that.
    You're right. It was naive to think that he tweeted anything meaningful without anyone reporting it.

    How is your fanfic coming along? I have watched the first three Digimon series lately, so I'm actually familiar with the Digimon world now. I want to watch Tri and play Cyber Sleuth when it is localized. I am not interested in the other games or the post-Tamers series, though.
    I'm pretty sure that at least three years ago, what they meant by "evolution" was a new generation in general rather than Mega Evolution specifically.
    Hi Crystal. We haven't spoken in a long time.

    Shigeru Ohmori says that the series will evolve next year and we should have high expectations for it. Could you provide an accurate translation of the entire tweet?

    Do you think that "evolution" is being used in the same context as three years ago? They were referring to XY back then.
    Well it will provide me for easier communication with people in other countries because I like travelling to other places, and I want to go to another country one day. My country is large, but I want to go somewhere else to visit one day than just places in my country. Problem is that I don't know what language to learn.

    I just don't like being confined to one spot all the time, I rarely get to leave my house because my family currently only owns one vehicle, but I love getting out and travelling.
    I really want to learn another language, though Japanese is far too hard and I hear that it's easier to learn languages when you know more of them. I hated learning Spanish in high school, and none of my friends are willing to help me since most of my friends live in the US and know ONLY English. My foreign friends who do know other languages are almost never online be it because of time zones or because they just never are online. I live in an area of the country where there aren't many people who speak languages other than English. It doesn't help that media in the US tends to act like there are no other languages but English and Spanish.

    Between me and the anime, I usually prefer using elements from the games over the anime, but with some aspects of the anime added in to make the world more rounded. If anything, I try and construct my own Pokemon world from scratch, and I imagine it to be closer to the real world than the anime or games.
    So, you're from South Africa then, I used to know someone who lived in my town who was from there (I live in the United States), but I haven't seen him in years. Do you speak Afrikaans or only know English?

    My fanfic is still a work-in-progress so the character ideas aren't too fleshed out yet, but I have some basis for them. Much of my inspiration is coming from anime I've been watching, among other things.
    Well, the idea for my story was that a teenager was to go on a journey not to become the champion, but to find his missing father who was kidnapped by the villains to perform questionable experiments. He has a Floatzel who can speak and is kind of argumentative with his trainer, often being rebellious at times, and there's a young girl who constantly follows him around and thinks he's so amazing when he thinks she's annoying. Basically, unlike Ash, Misty and Brock, the main characters are more dysfunctional with each other than getting along all the time, which is one of the problems I have with the anime currently is that there's no character conflict as they all get along with each other and are happy with each other and are friends. To put it simply, I want my story to be based more in reality than how the anime is, or at least how it has ultimately become; there won't be any legendaries involved in the main plot, and the villains aren't incompetent. I'd tell you a lot about it cause I have a lot planned for it.

    I'll see you when you get back. I know you don't live in the same country I do, so contact with each other isn't easy. Most of the people I talk to here and on other sites live in the United States, so I don't get to talk to people on other countries much.
    That's my point, that there's no benefit to getting a legendary, only costs that therefore make them essentially useless and have no other purpose other than to just get their dex entry, and then you stuff them in your PC for all eternity to never be used all while the game tries and makes you use ordinary, non-legendary Pokemon instead (the only "legal" legendary Pokemon end up being lesser trio members and non-version mascots). Therefore I feel as if legends have lost their purpose. I mean, why would you create a Pokemon that nobody's ever going to use, not even in non-official tournaments and competitive battles because groups like Smogon and Nugget Bridge frown upon their usage. And it's not just in competitive play, roleplay groups also disallow legends for similar reasons, especially since they might be "Mary Sues" or something like that. I actually have some characters I use in roleplay who are legends (two Shaymin and a Cobalion currently, with a planned Suicune and Cresselia).

    As for my story, I am debating on whether it should be a traditional "trainer goes on a journey" story or if it should be a Mystery Dungeon type story with all Pokemon characters. Personally I think that PMD stories have more cliches than non-PMD stories do: Main character is always a human turned into a Pokemon, and 90% of the time it's usually Pikachu, Eevee or Riolu, and if not his/her partner will be one. There's also almost always some kind of guild involved, in fact, many of them I've found have essentially been copy-pasted from the plot of Time/Darkness/Sky but with the species of the characters changed.
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