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  • I will have to agree, but anymore it just seems like they're there to be nothing more than plot devices more than anything else. I'm serious, I mean, they're almost always banned from tournaments and in-game battle facilities, so what's the point in using them, especially event legends if you can't use them for anything other than just being dead paperweights that sit in your PC for all eternity, only existing to complete the dex. That's the thing, they just don't feel that special anymore if they're just portrayed as plot-devices rather than actual Pokemon.

    I have been planning on writing a story, and lemme say that it's not going to be using ANY legendaries at all, because why should a Pokemon story always be centered around legends all the time? Even fan-fic writers seem to find the need to shoehorn legends in for whatever reason. The reason is because they've been overused too much, and I want the antagonists of my story to be based a bit more in reality than simply going after some over-powered kaiju for whatever reason.
    In fact, it just seems like legendaries serve no real purpose anymore. Heck, in the story of X/Y, it just seems like the legendary is thrown in at the last minute and has almost zero build-up to it other than a single mention shortly before the 7th gym. Back in Gen 1, legendaries weren't even part of the main plot, not to mention that they were 100% optional and were only required for Pokedex completion. Starting with Crystal, they started to become integrated into the main story, then starting with Gen 3 it seemed like the villain team only existed to get the legends and nothing else, and with Gen 6, the legends are just there.

    It doesn't help that in the later generations, legends went from simply being super rare and powerful Pokemon into essentially a pantheon of literal gods. The legendary birds were just rare Pokemon with no real mythology to them, and Mewtwo was created in a laboratory. The only ones that had any mythology to them were the Johto legends, save for Celebi, but they weren't gods or anything like that, not until later on.
    I agree, micro-transactions are equivalent to gambling, and if I wanted to gamble my money away, I'd go to Las Vegas and do so, not through video games. This is why I was concerned with Shuffle, because it's completely UNLIKE the Pokemon franchise or Nintendo to do this. It's a form of gambling and people have yet to realize it, it's not going to be until someone goes bankrupt that someone will file a lawsuit over these games. I dunno when it's going to happen, but I know that there's a point where they clearly need to stop.

    As for the movie, you have a point; it sees to just vulgarize the entire point of what legendaries are, in fact, some of the more recent movies have been overly abusive on legends just for the sake of having legends. In the first 6-7 movies, they were very light on the use of legends, with only 2 or 3 at minimum (Movie 2 had the most, with 4 legends at max), but after Movie 7, that was when they started to use legends simply for the sake of having them in the film and serving no real purpose other than to fit some mandatory requirement for the film to have at least 1 legendary present. The entire story of Movie 8 could have been told without any legendaries at all and just have Lucario alone, but they had to throw in Mew and the Regis for whatever reason. Movie 11 had Regigigas for the sake of him being there, and Movies 13 and 15 were just legend overdose. Movie 19 is going to be tons of legendaries for no other reason than to rely more on visual over actual substance.
    Well, I do feel there is still time for them to fix the mess, but I'm not sure, due to some of the particularly controversial statements made by Junichi Masuda, namely how he made Gen 6 easy because people have less time for them. Note how he emphasizes "free games on smartphones" over anything else like work, school, and family. I understand that people have lives outside of Pokemon, but he seems to think that mobile games are more important by the way he phrases things. Considering how widely despised the mobile market is by gamers in the fact that majority of the time they tend to just be scams that drain you of your wallet with constant, seemingly mandatory micro-transactions (Notch, the creator of Minecraft, absolutely hates free to play games, comparing them to "a slot machine" of all things, which he is right).

    I actually feel concerned for the Pokemon franchise, especially if it continues to go this direction. Mega Evolution is the sign of the overuse of gimmicks over anything else, and Pokemon Shuffle is the sign of wanting to go to the cheap, un-creative route of mobile games. I mean, I was watching a video a few days ago about how console games have budgets of Hollywood films, so why distance from being amazing in favor of being cheap and simple.
    Well, when it comes to what I think of Mega Evolutions, it's not the concept of Megas that bothers me, but more rather the execution of the concept. Mega Evolution is one of those concepts that sounds good on paper, but when you put it into action, you say "This looked a lot better in my head." My main problem is that they could have done much more with the concept, since all they are is just formes like those introduced in previous generations, and there's almost nothing to really distinguish them FROM formes other than the name. And then there's the way many of the Megas are designed, which half of them have either numerous design flaws (Mega Charizard X and Mega Salamence couldn't possibly fly with the wings they have if they existed in real life), are just heavily over-designed versions of the regular Pokemon (Mega Lucario just adds a lot more colors, markings, and more spikes), or they just look ridiculous (Mega Slowbro, enough said).

    How I think they could have done Megas is by having a consequence to using them, similar to that of the Dark Chips from the Mega Man Battle Network games in which there is actually a risk to using them, like have a turn limit for them and have them lose some HP or have a status condition inflicted on them. They say that with great power comes great responsibility, and someone shouldn't just be given such a power right after they get their third gym badge. My BIGGEST problem with Megas is that they're far too gimmicky, in which they're constantly pushed down your throat at every given moment, and honestly, when a franchise begins to rely on a gimmick too much, you know there's a major problem with that franchise.
    As for the games, yeah, I have noticed that they started to decline sometime after HG/SS. Granted it could be because of time restraints, though it could also be because they may be losing their touch and need some fresh blood and more original ideas than simply rehashing the same formula year after year. Granted it's nowhere near as bad as the anime has gotten (I've read very little of the Pokemon Special manga so I cannot say my stance on it), but there are a few problems I have with the current generation.

    The only problems I had with Gen 5 were the story of the first game being too short (yet it's my favorite of the stories) and the region being far too linear. The fact that there were no old Pokemon in the Unova Dex in BW1 doesn't bother me as much as it did when it first came out, because I do feel the games do stronger with more original Pokemon than evolutions or pre-evos of old Pokemon, which is one of the problems I have with Gen 6 *cough*Megas*cough*, plus I gained a number of new favorite Pokemon from Gen 5, such as Mienshao, Serperior, Excadrill, and more. One of my main problems with Gen 6 is the fact that the Kalos Dex is far too unbalanced, with over 450 Pokemon in total, and only 68 NEW Pokemon that don't even make a 4th of the Dex. There's too many old Pokemon that there's no balance between the old and the new; I appreciate that they're going for a large variety, but it seems like they went for quantity over quality. I feel they should have made it so that each of the three Dexes has at least 30-35 new Pokemon to have at least a total of 115-120 new species.

    People tell me it's to make room for the Mega Evolutions (and boy do I have a lot to say about those), but the Pokemon that have them in the Kalos Dex (at least in X/Y) don't even make a total 100. This is one of the many problems I have with Gen 6, among other problems I have...
    My favorite Gen is Gen 5 for the story and the amount of original Pokemon, but I feel Gen 4 is my actual favorite, because it introduced two of my favorite Pokemon (Floatzel and Lucario) among other things.

    I see what you mean, though it still airs in my country every Saturday right to the current season, but I don't watch it anymore, as I stopped watching the anime around 2007 or so because I felt it got too boring and repetitive, as it wasn't trying anything new or different. Not to mention I feel as if the quality of the writing of the show has sunken down, with almost all the characters essentially being nothing more than perfect, idealistic Mary Sues devoid of any interesting or complex character traits. It's like it's set in a world everything is perfect and nothing ever goes wrong; the characters are all nice to each other and get along perfectly with no real conflict between them, and in fact, there's hardly any actual conflict in the show (and no, Pokemon battles don't count) because of how increasingly and sickeningly utopian the anime's portray of the Pokemon world is getting. This is one of the many problems I have with the current anime.

    The Pokemon anime today is completely unlike the Pokemon anime was in the first season, or even how it was back in AG. You go watch a few episodes of the series from the first season (or even the entire season, any of the "banned" episodes are entirely optional), and then watch an episode from one of the most recent seasons, and it's like you're watching a completely different show.
    True, and a lot of fans seem to misunderstand that. Too many fans hate all of Gen 5's Pokemon simply because of Garbodor and Vaniluxe. Do you think the anime isn't anywhere near as good as it used to be?
    I personally have a habit of always using Buizel/Floatzel in whatever I do that's Pokemon related, but otherwise I try to use a variety of different species, Floatzel is just one of the few universal exceptions because it's my favorite Pokemon (and I kind of find it underrated and underused in many fan-works, especially compared to it's pre-evo Buizel). The most "overrated" Pokemon that's in my top 5 favorites is Lucario in my #3 spot (Floatzel and Mienshao are my #1 and #2 respectively). There's only a few Pokemon I dislike, and only one species I actually "hate" as one might call it.
    So, what's your favorite Pokemon? Mine is Floatzel obviously, followed by Mienshao, Lucario, Ninetales and Houndoom.
    I heard, and it was interesting from what I have read, but I just couldn't get into the manga for whatever reason. It was probably because I didn't have much access to the original translations of the R/B/Y chapters (since I am not really big on unofficial translations), or other reasons.

    Personally, I tend to be into Mystery Dungeon type stories myself.
    I apologize for the late response, I've been busy most of the day. I only really play the games anymore (I finished Omega Ruby the other day), as I stopped watching the anime because it got too boring and repetitive in my opinion. As for the manga, I was never really into the manga that much so I cannot really say.
    It's probably the exception to the rule, but in the first episode Kirito helps his friend train by "killing" a boar that was just standing around.
    I've just watched the first (subbed) episode of the Sword Art Online anime. The premise is interesting, but I'm disturbed by the casual killing of virtual animals. Suffice to say that there is a reason why Pokémon is the only RPG I like.

    How would you compare the anime to the light novels?
    What I'm saying is that even the coarser texture takes some getting used to. I find it hard to like major deviations from Sugimori's style.
    That depends. This particular example is fine (although it's much less appealing than the actual Pikachu), but I've seen some really creepy ones. I'm getting used to the Pokkén style; I didn't like the Suicune artwork, but it looks good in motion.
    I would definitely read your crossover fanfic if you translated it, but I don't expect you to do it just for me. I think that a crossover has the potential to be interesting, but the author has to work hard to make it feel "authentic".
    What is Christina's home region? I assume it isn't Johto, but is it supposed to be close to it? And what did the villains plan to do with Suicune and the other legendaries?

    Do you get questions from Japanese readers about your ongoing fanfic? Admittedly, I am less interested in it due to the Digimon elements, although I'm curious about the crossover.

    What are your thoughts on other people's fanfiction? Is it easier to find a unique story in Japanese than in English?
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