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Crystal Onix
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  • I do not divide humanity, i was merely telling you the official story.

    And you are right, They didn't mean it, but they took a risk with their lack of research.
    Not all, just the hypersensitive variety. And some white people will take offense too. It's not all one group's war against foreign insensitivity.

    But if Jynx was misconstrued, why not Lenora?
    Where are you from? It's only a problem in America, where that stereotype has been WRRRROOOOOONNNGGG for over 80 years.

    (goes to check your location)

    EDIT:Las Vegas, huh? I live in the Southeast, so these things are more overtly controversial here when it comes to racism.

    Carole Boston Weatherfield resides in North Carolina, but not in the same town where I live.

    She is the one who sued Dragon Ball Z, and sues anyone who does not reflect American policies towards racism via censorship when they export to this country.

    She'd have sued about Uncensored Lenora(who looks like a mammy(look it up). That is so wrong, they had to censor her in order to keep away from media lawsuitdogs like her(what the heck, HER!)
    Her Japanese art would have incurred the Wrath of Carole Boston Weatherfield again(AKA the REAL Jynx jinx)

    She sues about racist things the minute her oversensitive mind thinks so, since she bitched about Jynx, and made us suffer for it. Imagine what she'd say if they hadn't edited Lenora for Western audiences(Look Lenora up on Bulbapedia if you need to find out what I mean.)
    Yeah...there are others, too...Lenora, for one:they caught that one quick.

    I can't name any more, since Pokémon isn't popular enough to sue right now.

    I'll be sending a friend request.

    Do you think Durant are the Pokémon version of THEM!?

    VM me once you've counted the similarities!
    Something weird is happening and the trade isn't starting. I think we should both leave the wi-fi room and rejoin.
    Can you trade now? I was given some of the Pokémon you were offering last night, so the list I need is more like this:

    Bellsprout, krabby, hoppip, dunsparce, corsola, skarmory, elekid, magby, larvitar, slakoth, makuhita, skitty, torkoal, snorunt, skorupi, carnivine, snover, mamoswine, golem.

    Any six of these would be great!
    I have to say I like your last blog post. It knows the first one but I can't get it to do the Sinnoh one.
    Well I think I can safely say you will fit in just fine :) Over half the staff and at least a third of the regular users are also fans. You can stop most of them by their avatars.
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