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  • Hey! My mom and Aidan are going to be playing a game on our two computers, so there might not be much Bulbagarden until later tonight. I will, however, be doing A Game of Chance because I can get on TvTropes with my laptop. So I'll see you there!
    Bryon: He requested I keep quiet, and I agreed so long as he'd stop being so reckless. He didn't hold up his end of the deal.
    Bryon: ... Yes, I've always known he was hiding behind a facade. Well, since we became friends. And dumbass there's trying to fight demons and Shadows on his own, and I keep telling him he'll get himself killed... Or worse. Just know that he's not as happy-go-lucky as he's been letting on.
    To be fair, the guy was a demon that was hurting someone beforehand. But still, damn.

    Bryon: That idiot... He's going to get himself killed if he keeps up this double-life bullshit.
    Adrian: ...When did this happen. (Not surprising.)

    Rafi: ... ;o; Why would he do something like that...?

    Matt: *stares at it* ... ... The hell?

    Eli: *watches in disbelief*

    Seth: *jawdrop*

    Cyrus: Bastard.
    Well, let's do a little reaction skit.

    Someone just showed you footage of Rim acting.. like... Not himself! He just beat the crap out of someone, and even MOCKED THEM afterwards! What's your reaction?
    Adrian would know, but he's prohibited from doing anything about it. Ryu would notice it if he spent more time around the kid, but he teaches high-level science and tech courses, so that will obviously never happen. And Sora...? I dunno about him.
    This just occurred to me. With recent developments, most of your characters wouldn't know about Rim's double-sided nature. To most of them, he's probably just that chipper, enthusiastic, colorful guy with a slightly annoying verbal tic.
    Well, I just wanted to share the music. Because I like it, and I'm seeing it live on the 10th.
    I've never actually heard of this production or any of its music before you brought it up. Go ahead and have our characters do it if you want. I'll go along with it. Over time, I've realized that I vastly prefer writing with fiftysomethings than teenagers or twentysomethings.
    Or, if you'd prefer the song of the Friends of ABC at the barricade.

    Also, you may have heard this one before somewhere. It's really, really well known, and possibly one of the most famous songs in musical theater.

    On My Own, one of my personal favorites.

    And then here's the gorgeous and epic finale.

    One thing I like about the production is the flexibility with voice roles. For example, Valjean can be played by a baritone or mid- to low-tenor.
    Ah well. I was just curious.

    Oh yeah, I wanted to share a few songs from Les Mis with you, because a lot of them are really pretty, and as I mentioned, the High School AU's spring musical is Les Mis. It's difficult and a bit more operatic, but it's a very arts-oriented school.

    Here's the closest thing to a villain song. It's actually pretty funny.
    I went to see it, because that's the respectful thing to do. As depressing as it was, it was kind of beautiful to see just how many people were willing to stand outside by the road for more than an hour to pay their respects. Really, when you think about it, when someone attacks or kills a police officer, they're attacking the people as well. Because that's what the police protect- the people.

    Yeah, thats my two cents. I was wondering if your dad was part of the procession. There were a lot of State Highway Patrol cars.
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