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    ^ The one above

    Re: the one above^ Has a girl with red bat wings in sig =D
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    (Theory) Good vs Evil and A Death Mechanic

    Interesting that most people don't want 'death', yet, in ALL of the Pokemon Games, there is a Cemetary :/ I do believe that death is in this game, just in a way that kiddies won't notice.
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    Found this around the net; what do you think?

    That's what I figure. I'm not fond of a female version of Riolu/Lucario, but the artist did a good job =D
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    Found this around the net; what do you think?

    This is another good batch of fakemon! I like most of the water types and some of the fire types, but I LOVE the buffalo PKMN this person made =DD
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    Found this around the net; what do you think?

    I like them too. Some are... Interesting while others need some work, but amusing overall.
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    Black and White = The End of Pokemon?

    True. Besides, I'm sure they'll make a Pokemon game for the 3DS. If they do, I won't buy it, those types of things give me a headache.
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    ^ The one above

    Re: the one above^ Has over 7,000 posts :D
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    The Banned Game

    Banned because I agree *u*
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    Team Plasma

    Re: The villian team. Hahaha! Double QFT! I'd buy BOTH games if they had this xD
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    First CoroCoro Scans

    I must say, I'm blown away! These pictures look very interesting and, although I still have my doubts, I might consider buying this game. Not if the new game is for the 3DS game council. That thing's just too wierd.
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    White/Black = Terrible Names?

    Black and White seem so.... Bland to put as a Pokemon Version title, but, whatever.
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    Pocket Monsters (WIP) Please leave Comments :D

    For those of you who wanted to know WHY Cyndaquil turned into ashes like Benjamin510, I actually forgot to put that in... Sorry! But, the real reason why was because the "Sun" can only keep two starters alive 'cuz in each and every game (except for Yellow, but that's the only one I...
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    Pocket Monsters (WIP) Please leave Comments :D

    CHAPTER 6 IS FINISHED!! I hope Y'all like it! I worked really hard on it! Be mindful of the warnings! EDIT: I will not write Chapter 7 until after Summer 'cuz I have a load of essays to do and an Internship! So, re-read Chapter 6 'cuz that's gonna be it for a while! ~CT
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    How are you feeling today?

    Still feeling crappy, but I'm better than I was yesterday :D
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    Yes or No

    Nope, they're funny :D Likes team Galactic?