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Recent content by CuboneKing

  1. CuboneKing

    Ban the User Above v2

    Banned for not questioning authority
  2. CuboneKing

    Corrupt a Wish v2

    Granted. You’re in prison. I wish I didn’t have to work to earn money
  3. CuboneKing

    What type would the user above be?

    Creative. Normal/Poison with Levitate
  4. CuboneKing

    What is the User Above Known For?

    In the two days I’ve been back, I already know you don’t like bugs. You seem to mention that a lot. So there’s that.
  5. CuboneKing

    National Dex 1-807 (Kanto - Galar)

    Probopass Skitty
  6. CuboneKing

    Make Assumptions About the Person BELOW you

    Please, I can only read American. You’ve had an excellent day!
  7. CuboneKing

    Ban the User Above v2

    Banned for not telling your mom touch your spikes She gave birth to you man have some respect
  8. CuboneKing

    Movies/TV What was the last movie you watched?

    Parasite. Definitely worth the Oscar hype
  9. CuboneKing

    ITT You tell the above poster why their favorite Pokemon sucks.

    Fully evolved Pokémon with the same BST as Wailmer I think you can tell
  10. CuboneKing

    Corrupt a Wish v2

    Granted. You’re gonna die alone. OHHHHHHHHHH I’m so sorry I wish I didn’t have to get out of my bed to go get food
  11. CuboneKing

    What does ^'s usertitle tell you about them?

    Is a fan of bugs, and additionally, buzzing.
  12. CuboneKing

    What type would the user above be?

    Based solely on your name, Dark/Flying?
  13. CuboneKing

    Rate the Pokemon above you [v3]

    Pretty ballin. 8/10 Alolan Diglett
  14. CuboneKing

    Guess next poster's most hated Pokemon

    Pineco slaps dude. Alomomola
  15. CuboneKing

    Do you think Sun and Moon is a critical and financial failure?

    Critical and financial failure, absolutely not. But it definitely had a lot of shortcomings. I liked the vibe of the region, a lot of the new Pokémon, and the concept of regional variants, but I never want to play through the story again. The narrative itself was strong for a Pokémon game, but...