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    Hurt and Heal

    I’m game. Will also play a lot more causally lmao. Also I propose that we don’t have the HP label on every line, it just adds clutter Nidorina 100 Marill 40 Seedot 100 Finneon 130 -> 110 Boldore 110 Frogadier 90 Tapu Koko 80 +> 90 Grimmsnarl 100
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    The New ABC Game

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    The wolf garage

    Sorry for taking so long to read the update you directly linked me to lmfaooo. That sucks that the first job didn’t work out, but seems like it was definitely for the best. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the new one more and that you’re taking classes that suit your interests so well, that’s...
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    What user comes to mind for the above Pokémon?

    Speak of the devil and he shall appear Hmmmmm Luvdisc is a tough one, maybe Blanc due to the enthusiasm she puts into her friendships Let’s do a new one, Armarouge
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    What Pokémon comes to mind for the letter above?

    Jumpluff A
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    What Pokemon comes to mind for the Type above?

    Mankey Steel
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    The New ABC Game

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    Pokémon fusion article

    Hey everyone. I thought it might be cool to have an article about fusion, as in the process Kyurem, Necrozma, and Calyrex can undergo. I know it's not necessarily a named, defined mechanic like megas or dynamax, but we've got three different Pokémon able to do it now and the way it works is...
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    Tag!! You're It!! V3: Welcome to the Garden~

    That’s a tough one. I think I’ll go with Brock, Jasmine, and Volkner. @Orchid what is your favorite Gary Oak episode in the anime?
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    Tag!! You're It!! V3: Welcome to the Garden~

    I’ve still got some mixed feelings, though lately it’s been more positive. Still pretty sour on the graphics (though they’re a little cleaner than the first trailer), and the lack of PLA catching and some of its QoL improvements is a big bummer. But some of the recent reveals and especially the...
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    The Generation Game

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    The New ABC Game

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    What Pokémon region would the above user live in?

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    The Generation Game

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    The New ABC Game

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