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  • Ok, its now about 8 AM in my time and that means that my internet connection shoud work. Do. you have time to trade?
    I'm sorry, something is wrong with my internet connection :/ Maybe we should try again tomorrow?
    The router will restart automatically at midnight so I think that it'll work tomorrow...
    Ok, I'm online, I could trade now. It's possible that there will be problems with my internet connection but I hope that it'll work :)
    Hey, thank you for helping me out with the Mewtwo entry :)
    Could you tell me your time zone? I'm from Germany, so I think we have different time zones and we have to find a time to trade.
    If your from Seattle, your time zone should be UTC-08:00 or UTC-07:00 (?)
    Thank you so much for worrying. The moderators didn't aproved my post, I don't know why. Yes, I need two trades, in different generations. I will be using Heart Gold (FC: 2537 7816 6677) and White 3 (FC:1636 2024 7547).
    I'm free the whole saturday and sunday.
    Do you want something special in exchange?
    I'll let you go first this time. Also my friend code changed because I used a different DS, so you have to register me again, sorry about that. :S It's now 0734-9068-7033.
    Since you wanted to borrow a Thundurus, I actually wanted to ask whether I could borrow your Tornadus for the same reason (to catch Landorus). I was going to make a thread asking for one after I had finished the Kyogre/Groudon trade but since you brought it up I thought I would ask. :) Only if you're happy to let me borrow it, of course. :)
    Okay, I'm free for several hours so I'm happy to do this today. My HeartGold FC is 1205-1579-0738, and my White FC is 1550-8481-2045.
    thanks but i thought you were available tonight id PDT time so somebody else offered to help me, thanks for the thought though, i think i'll add you as my friend as a way of saying thank you :)
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