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  • Happy Valentine's Day. And today's my parents' 48th anniversary (yes, they got married on Valentine's Day, though not for the reason you think). Got some nice things planned for their anniversary, lots of goodies and a nice dinner. Anyway, hope everyone has a nice day.
    So I got my pet bird's remains yesterday after his cremation. They did a good job. Very dignified and with a ton of respect. And I gave the vet and his staff a small gift for what they did for Zeru all these years. I still miss the kooky ball of fluff, as my apartment feels so quiet and empty without him, but at least his memory will live on.
    My poor pet cockatiel is sick and I have to take him to the vet. It took a bit of work but I've got an appointment for him for today, though I needed my folks' help as I can't drive to the vet myself with my dying car, as that's way too far for it. But I hope my little poof goof will be okay. Wish him luck.
    So, today, the new bird cage my mom and I ordered came for my pet cockatiel, Zeru. He's had his old cage since he was a baby (about 2 months old) and he's 15 now, so it was time to get him a new one. I just finished putting it together (taking small breaks to drink my smoothie in between) and put in all his toys, mineral blocks, perches, and whatnot into it. He's now exploring the inside of it and checking out everything. I think he likes it well enough. It's much wider than his old cage but it gives him more room to play and roam. I hope he gets used to it and likes it, since it was very difficult to find this cage (and for a good price, too). Here's hoping he likes it.
    Well, I've got good news and terrible news regarding my car. The good news is that it's been fixed. The radiator has been replaced, the heater is (finally) working properly, and the break light has been replaced. All at the oh-so-affordable price of $750. The terrible news is... the car is dying. The mechanic confirmed something that I've been dreading for years now. The car is dying, and no amount of Power Rings, Wumpa Fruit, or Gold Peaches can save it. It won't be worth trying to salvage it with more repairs because it's simply dying. It's time to start looking and investing in a new car. ...We've had that car for 22 years now as of this month. That's longer than most newer cars last nowadays. But it's effectively on borrowed time now and runs a risk of breaking down randomly. So, as a result, it's time to start looking for a new car since, in the long-run, it'll be cheaper to get a new ride than to keep repairing the rust bucket. It's had quite the run, to put it mildly, having survived a hell of a lot of punishment, and it's our longest-lasting car to date. But now it's time to do what I've been dreading for some time now.
    Well, I've got good news and bad news about my car. The good news is that my car can be fixed so the problem isn't game-breaking. The bad news is that it'll cost $600 or so, for parts and labor, to get the hole in the radiator fixed and I won't have it back until Monday at the earliest. So I'm pretty much trapped in my apartment for the next few days (and there's a snowstorm coming my way to further complicate things). Well... not much I can do about it but go through with it. Hello expensive car repair bill.
    I just get back from doing a ton of errands and helping my mom and when I parked my car at my apartment I noticed steam/smoke coming out of the hood. A lot of it. Great. Just great. Just what I needed to start the year off. This doesn't bode well. I hope it's just the radiator acting up again (the car is 22 years old now, after all) because I DO NOT need an expensive car repair bill right now. :bulbaFacepalm:
    Since I'm not going to be around tomorrow because I'll be spending most of the day with my folks I'll put this out now.

    Happy Holidays! May your holiday be blessed with food, fun, and family. Cheers to all.
    Baked a new recipe for Christmas dinner today: a Christmas donut cake. Basically it's like a bunt cake but more dense like a donut. It's chillin' in the fridge right now before I move on to adding the icing and sprinkles. I hope it turns out okay, as this was a first for me, especially since I was unable to get my usual ingredients for my more traditional Christmas dessert: vanilla bean cheesecake. And tomorrow I have to make cheesecake pudding to go with it. Busy, busy, busy.
    Just tried out some special homemade eggnog from a local small business in town. Normally I'm so-so with eggnog, depending on the flavor, but I decided to give it a try. Especially since that place has good food. And it's that time of the year, after all. Plus I like to support local businesses. It's really good, even if it's just plain vanilla. And it comes in a really cute decorative old-fashioned jar that you'd put homemade jellies and such in. Might get another one for my parents, especially since mom would love the jar (she loves stuff like that). But wow, wasn't expecting much but it turned out to be really tasty. Might get a few more for Christmas dinner before they sell out.
    Writing is on hold until I sort out some RL issues. I wish I didn't have to do that, as writing is stress relief for me, but I've got some more pressing things to focus on right now. Though I will post the next chapter in Shooting Star Rider this Sunday, but that'll be it until after Christmas since I've got baking to do.
    Well, I found out today that someone stole money from my checking account, leaving me broke. Fortunately I was able to catch it early enough (as it happened this month) and went to the bank to try to fix the issue. My checking account has been frozen (not like there's anything left in it anyway) and my debit card disabled until I get back the money. Just what I needed, especially this time of the year. At least I took care of my Christmas shopping last month. But damn, this certainly puts a damper on my holiday spirit.
    I've been making steady progress on my other series, Shooting Star Rider, as of late, especially after having an unintentional hiatus in general. That brings me to ask: would anyone like me to start posting it in the Writer's Workshop section?
    mastermind lissi
    mastermind lissi
    Sure! If you feel like you want to start posting it, do it! Ill try and give it a read, but it is hard for me to “follow” a series cause my mind kinda forgets the plot after a bit but I will try!
    Got an update on my uncle's health from my aunt (his sister). He'll be fine, he's just constantly tired and having some bad joint stiffness issues, so he's having trouble doing things and getting around. And despite that he even has plans to go to Thailand in January to see his son. So, fortunately, he's not dying or anything, just dealing with more-frequent-than-normal body aches and fatigue from old age. That's a relief, as I was getting worried that he was terminally ill or something. That's a load off my mind.
    I just got news that my Uncle Donald is not doing so good. Mom and dad are going to visit him and my Aunt Sally tomorrow, which will be a two-day thing since they live a decent distance away from us (though they're in the same state). Now I'm really worried that this could be the end for him. I hope it's not the case but I'm bracing myself for any bad news. Here's hoping he gets better.
    Well, my car broke down. Again! That's the second time in three weeks. And that's the last time I'm letting my dad take it to that damn mechanic in his town, since he does pretty chintzy jobs. While the dealer is more expensive at least I know they're not going to do a half-baked repair like the mechanic dad likes.
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    At least you don't need to worry about it coming to life and turning into a Pokemon.
    Argh... what a week. First a snowstorm buried me, then my broken window, which was slated to be replaced, got repaired by accident when getting replaced, making the whole month and a half effort/wait to get the window's measurements right and waiting for Lowes to not screw up a second time was wasted, and now my car needs to be jumped again because of said snowstorm killed the battery. Guess I need a new battery that won't die every time it gets cold (to be fair, the car is 21-years old now). Now watch as when I get a replacement battery somehow the old battery ends up working perfectly for the rest of the winter. Oi... :rolleyes:
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