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  • Hi CynthiaLover. Not sure you remember talking a couple of times in times past since I've been gone for years. Anyway I was browsing on the What Did You Write Today thread and I noticed you write chapters pretty fast.

    I'm trying to write a fanfic of my own and I was wondering if you can give me some tips when it comes to writing. I'm having some issues filling out descriptions on the world I'm making and in long conversation scenes. I can imagine the scene in my head and hear the tone in my ears but putting it on text is a different story. I'm good when it comes to fight scenes and dialogue though.
    Oh, hey, it has been a while.

    I guess I could give you some pointers on writing, although I admit I do have a bad habit of getting overly detailed in some aspects so don't mind if this gets long-winded by accident.

    Descriptions, as I learned from my own stuff, is best kept fairly short and sweet, as overly detailed descriptions can become a big block of text that is a pain to read and can repel readers. Some of my earlier works fell victim to that until I learned to trim the fat off of them. Identify the most crucial aspects of the description first, such as general environment/design/structure/etc, then start adding in smaller details to flesh it out. But don't go overboard on the smaller details, just enough to get the point across while giving it enough life to make it feel real.

    As for long conversations, first make sure you identify which character is talking every now and then so the different dialog don't get mixed up. I tend to rehearse the idea both in my head and sometimes verbally to get the general flow of how it'll play out and tweak it as I write so it doesn't become an endless barrage of text. Also put in occasional breaks in between certain parts of the dialog, such as the character pondering to what to say next or to show a reaction to a certain statement. That'll make it flow more easily and give you points to use like checkpoints in a Crash Bandicoot game that'll give you a chance to change or review what you've got so far.

    But my best advice is to go at your own pace. I tend to get chapters written more quickly than others because I often do it in short, controlled bursts, but that's just the style I developed. Also I've been writing since middle school (I'm in my 30's now) so I have a fair bit of experience in the trade (although it took until a college course to iron out the kinks in my writing style and evolve it into a better form). If something about what you're writing is frustrating you, step back and take a break so it can simmer for a while. It'll help prevent burnout and keep the creativity gears greased more evenly, along with keeping writer's block at bay. In short, go at the pace you feel works for you, take any breaks you need to prevent burnout, and figure out a style that works best for you.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.
    Thank you for responding so quickly

    I guess I could make rough notes in my sand box that I put my notes in to identify aspects of the environment. I have a pretty clear idea what the city looks like, I based it off one of my favorite video games :). Occasional breaks between parts of dialogue for a POV character to think is a good idea, I think I'll give it a shot. I haven't read much novels or fanfiction but I did read 2 big visual novels which is probably where my base style comes from. Though I don't have the luxury of music or fancy visuals.

    My fic is a gritty street crime drama in the Pokemon world. If you've ever seen shows like CSI, Criminal Minds, NCIS, Daredevil or Punisher that's the kind of thing I'm going for but a tad less violent and bloody. If you know of any stories that you or someone else wrote (doesn't have to be for Pokemon) I'd be interested to read some of it to get a feel on how to bring a scene to life.

    And I hear you about the burnout. It takes me a while to plan out the fight scenes since I want it to be the best I can make it and have my own style. My chapters so far have been on the long side in my opinion. The first one is almost a big action scene that moves to different locations as the battle progresses. It was over 12000 words and I'm not certain if it's really that long.

    I do like crafting characters and storylines so if you ever want to bounce ideas or character concepts back and forth we could do that through messages or something.
    Well, my dad officially retired from his teaching/teacher's aid job. At 75 years old I think it's time for him to hang up his neckties, set the alarm clock to "snooze", and just take it easy. He'll probably drive mom crazy but he just cannot keep getting up at 6 AM to go to school every day, as it takes too much out of him. So we're throwing a little party for him this weekend as celebration for decades of teaching those little gremlins... excuse me, "students". I'd say it's about time.
    Okay, I just learned something interesting while surfing YouTube. Turns out that there is a glitch in Monster Rancher 2 DX. This glitch has a very interesting effect. If your monster goes on expeditions, you'll only lose about a week of lifespan despite the fact that your monster is on a month-long expedition. Normally you'd lose the 4 weeks that your out on the expedition plus another week due to fatigue, but this glitch only registers the lost week from fatigue. As a result, if you go on as many expeditions as possible your monster can effectively double its lifespan. Now I'm starting to understand why Mero lasted as long a she did, longer than she was supposed to, as she went on several expeditions, but only lost a week's worth of lifespan on each because of the glitch. Don't tell TECMO this, as they'll patch it, but it's a very interesting discovery and exploit if anyone is playing Monster Rancher 2 DX.
    Not sure why I'm posting this (probably because I'm bored) but after many years of forgetting about it I made my old chili recipe for the first time. I made it mostly for mom as a treat of sorts for getting through all her physical therapy post-surgery, as she looooooves chili. However, I had to make some adjustments to it.

    First off, the original barbeque sauce I used has long since been discontinued (A&W Root Beer Barbeque Sauce), so I had to experiment with a different brand, in this case Heinz Sweet and Smokey Kansas Style Barbeque Sauce. I gave it a taste test prior to using it and it's pretty good so I felt it was a good substitute. Also, because dad is on a special diet he can't have onions so I had to omit them. And finally, normally I use beef or bison (bison is my preferred choice for my chili due to it being so healthy but it's not the easiest to find) but since I had to make a large batch (effectively double the recipe), I used both bison and ground wagyu (I have a special monthly ordering system where I order certain foods, such as organic, grass-fed, wild-caught, and all that other fun stuff, and have it delivered, for a good price I might add, and their service has quite a few rare treats that I can't find around here, including wagyu, swordfish, lobster, bison, duck, wild boar, and so on).

    The combo, I will say, tastes great, so while it's not my original version it'll do nicely. As a result I spent most of today either cooking or gathering up the needed ingredients. Hopefully mom will like it, as she really needs a nice treat after all the physical therapy and getting over her Covid over the past month.
    sigh Dammit... I now have to go buy a new window unit AC, as my old one is no longer producing cold air. I've had it since I moved into my apartment (roughly six years, give or take). I've already snooped out one at a Lowe's (where I got this one) for a decent price, as, according to a hardware store, getting it repaired would cost pretty much the same as getting a new one, so I'm better off getting a new one and starting fresh. It's annoying that things built these days don't last as long as they used to anymore (unlike my 2002 Honda Civic LX, the car just turned 20 this year and somehow it hasn't died yet... it's had a few close calls, and it's taken more than its fair share of beatings, but it's still standing and running, much to my amazement). But I'll be going down with dad tomorrow after he's done with work to find this new AC, as I've confirmed it's in stock at my semi-local Lowe's. This is gonna be annoying as hell but since it got pretty hot today (and I hate heat) it has to be done if I don't want to melt before summer, much less during summer.
    Well, I just learned that my mom has Covid. And this is on top of her recovery from hip replacement surgery. She feels she got it from either the hospitals she's been in or dad bringing it home from school. Either way this puts a new wrinkle on things for us. Makes me worried I might have it as I've been around her, helping her through her recovery, though I don't feel any symptoms right now. Of all the timing... as if mom didn't have enough problems already. I hope it'll pass quickly.
    Hey your profile says "Scorbunny fan " and I kinda wanted that sign on my profile. how did u get it?
    Also how do i put a little caption under my name?
    sry i'm new
    Well, to get the caption, you have to go into your account (which is clicking your username in the upper right corner) and access the "account details" and you can type in a "title" in the designated spot. As for the Scorbunny tag, I was just given it after a certain point since I had the "Scorbunny fan" tag for a while. I don't know much else about that as it was just given to me one day, but I assume it's because I had the Scorbunny Fan tag, but I'm not 100% sure how to acquire it now, as when I first got the Scorbuny fan tag it was at least last year. My only guess is to check your various account settings and see if there is a segment for it, since I haven't done anything with it since Sword/Shield were first revealed. Hope that helps.
    ok thx
    what did you feel was so bad about SM, if you don't mind me asking? Ash's design was pretty meh, but his character and the saga itself improved as it went on with some nice development for the cast and their pokemon.
    The series as a whole was horrid. The animation was an eyesore, Ash getting hit by the dum-dum ray again and being treated as a butt-monkey after his glorious showing in Kalos was a huge slap in the face, the other "main characters" were annoying as hell with over-the-top antics, it had some of the cheapest wins in the series to date (Rowlet's sleeping habits should've cost Ash the league like Charizard did way back in Kanto), Lillie veered right into unsympathetic territory due to the fact that Lusamine had changed for the anime but Lillie's animosity toward her didn't, the League itself was underwhelming and pathetic (the final bout only being a 3-on-3 instead of a 6-on-6?! Hell, the only 6-on-6 match in the entire series was Ask VS Kukui), and the humor and slapstick was overblown and overly exaggerated to the point it wasn't even funny. I may like a good gag dub like Samurai Pizza Cats, but after the incredible Kalos League the entirely of SM was a big, fat insult and a huge middle finger to long-time fans like me. I was only able to watch four episodes before quitting because it was just that atrocious. Even BW was better than SM and I hated and avoided that series like the plague. That's my reasoning for hating SM with a fiery passion that could burn a Charizard to ashes.
    You know that's actually pretty true, some of the other " people " were so cringy.
    I have your Pokemon ready, but in case of Spritzee, do you need it evolved? I realized I don't have the item required to evolve it. Is that still okay with you?
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