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  • I need a great troll. A wonderful troll. An experienced one, too.
    A (serious) HumanxZubat M/M lemonfic.
    Do you accept this challenge?
    To answer your question...

    Macho Man and Honchkrow were friends, but they got into some sort of fight on the forums. Honchkrow's acting mature about it, but I couldn't say the same about Macho.

    Nevertheless, he's been banned now. He's been banned twice before, so now it's presumably a perma.
    That's not really the greatest thing to say on Bulbagarden. You know, the site that Bulbapedia is part of?

    By the way, I'm a Bulbapedian. I have several thousand edits. I can assure you that Sonichu IS a fan work, it's about Pokemon, whatever the crap you just said is not true, and it does not suck a*s.
    Someone was creating an article about Sonichu on Bulbapedia, but it got deleted. The user proceeded to yell at sone users involved, mainly me. Guess it must be a coincidence.
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