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Recent content by CyrusTG

  1. C

    Grotles new move?

    Trash? What kind of a move is that?
  2. C

    No love for Pokemon/Pokemon shippings?

    I suppose the Pokemon/Pokemon shippings don't get as much love as the other shippings cause there's not much of a basic, except for Pikachu/Buneary, but even that is one-sided. Most legendary ships involve rivalries, and don't have as much fans, like Kyogre/Groudon and Dialga/Palkia. Then again...
  3. C

    Your favourite water type

    Empoleon, Milotic, Finneon, Poliwrath, Magikarp. :D
  4. C

    Do you like how the anime introduces new companions/rivals for Ash in each region?

    Re: Do you like how the anime introduces new companions/rivals for Ash in each region Introducing something other than coordinating and training would make introducing new characters and improving the story easier.
  5. C

    Ash's Aura Powers: Something we're supposed to forget?

    Maybe they're meant to be used at the Spear Pillar when Team Galactic tries controlling Dialga/Palkia/Giratina? They could help suppress the Red Chain, since the Veilstone base was already supposedly destroyed.
  6. C

    Lustrous and Adament Orbs?

    They increase Palkia's and Dialga's power in the games.
  7. C

    The Greatest Pokemon Movie Ever Made

    The first movie was also the darkest by far, and it actually allowed you to sympathize with the characters (in this case Mewtwo). It was also the first time that we saw Ash 'die' (coincidence perhaps?).
  8. C

    Ash... picking up pokemon chicks?

    Like romantic pikashipping?
  9. C

    Review DP118: PokéRinger! Big Decisive Sky Battle!!

    Re: DP 118 "PokéRinger! Big Decisive Sky Battle!!" Preview Thread Like that'll happen. What would be point if that were to happen? It would be an interesting twist, but completely redundant at the same time.
  10. C

    Do you think after DP the writer should retire Ash?

    I don't think that it'll end by the fall of this year, since Movie 12 only comes out in July (I think). AG ended in September 2006, after they had four movies, while DP will only have 3 by the end of this fall, and that would make DP a year shorter than both AG and OS.
  11. C

    Pluto Made His Debut Is Handsome Next?

    They just finished Iron Island. That's not anywhere near the 7th gym, if you go by pure distance. Also, it would be awesome if they could show TG's base in Veilstone again and let Ash/Dawn crush the grunts to face Cyrus for the first time (like the games).
  12. C

    The "final" thought about the Arceus/Mew "problem".

    He does. And he's called the Original One in the games too, so that kind of gives it away.
  13. C

    Should Pokemon Come to an End Already?

    Pokemon = multibillion dollar franchise Pokemon movies = consistently in top 5 (Japan) Diamond/Pearl = sold over 15 million copies worldwide It'll go on until Nintendo stops making money off of it.
  14. C

    Why is Pikachu so damn popular!!!???

    And he can't play (fight) under pressure. :D
  15. C

    Pokemon that should definately evolve from IV

    Isn't Arceus the creator pokemon? He's referred to in the games as the 'original one', which is pretty much the same thing.