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  • People can die from epileptic seizures -- and there are members of this website that are probably epileptic... so fyi, you could be hurting people -- it's not worth it for a joke.
    i actully use latios and latias as my signature poekmon in uber double battles. :p
    i was thinking of putting my strategy up on the forums, but people would say "this is hyper offense" when its not. xD
    ok i cant trade today, i may be on tomorrow, if not tomorrow im sure ill catch you online sometime on the weekend. just trying to RNG a shiny dratini one last time for Aco and am in the process of quite a few taps. i will hold a japanese ditto for you though :)
    There's a japanese geodude :p
    so you can masuda anything that it breed's with, and Thanks for the shinies! :D
    And there is SRing for legends. infact, im gonna try it, soon.
    ol, thanks but its not mine, i got all the pokes from other people, cuz im too lazy to start a game in diamond/Platinum to chain, idk if i can chain in soul silver(havent even finished the game), i kinda(not really) want to masuda method but i cant find anyone to trade me a foreign Ditto, and RNG'ing... oh god thats hard...

    i dont mean to be a stalker but im trading with this person as well and saw your post. i can RNG and have a foreign ditto (flawless English one i think) and a japanese ditto. i cant trade tonight but feel free to leave me a VM and or make some requests in my shop in the shop subcenter (The Beach Shackke). :)

    edit: you were already viewing my shop when i posted this. one step ahead i suppose ;)
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