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  • hey there Daena, i'm sorry to say this but i just found my own DW Carvanha so i won't be needing the one you offered me :X

    Edit: it is now the later half of July, and you haven't been around since last month, so i'm gunna have to take your Starly off of hold, sorry but you abandoned it D:
    i'm so sorry for vanishing Daena :(
    My AC blew out so i have been forced to avoid sitting at my computer because this ancient thing is like a furnace. And the heat is only going to get worse here very soon (think 102°F D:)

    So i'll mainly be trading/be active only at night for a while til my mom can find the money to get the AC fixed, i hope my new hours will be ok for you.
    If not i can hold onto your starly baby until i am able to return to normal daylight hours <:eek:

    again, i am so sorry for all this, but it was something i just couldn't control <:(
    lol its says i don't trade on sundays on the 2nd line of my OP on my thread :p

    well as long as you get back to me i can hold your babies til next weekend :)
    Yeah, that happens to me on occasion as well. I just delete the copies. The other day I kept hitting the button and ended up posting the same VM like 4 times.

    Nice, BBQ is always good :)

    It also has nice defenses and can use Will-o-wisp on Ferrothorn. Basically a huge pain for me to face >.<
    Yeah, the message posted twice. No big deal, though. Sorry for running off...I had to go have dinner :)

    I have seen the Heat Rotom a few times, but Water/Electric with Levitate is too good of a typing to pass up, it's by far the most useful Rotom now.
    LAWL i'm so sorry the day you come on is the day i took a day off xP
    i should be raring to go all this week :)
    though not today as i don't trade on sundays.
    Yeah I'm using a Ditto and a Solosis someone else bred. I don't mind taking someone else's things and whoring them out until they make me good babies >:D

    There is a room somewhere, but I don't have any Rotoms on B/W yet so I haven't tried it out. You can finally use the forms on Wifi now, so it's probably a good thing to have around. The one problem is that I have 4 Rotoms that could all be Rotom-W sets so I'll have to pick between them xD
    I appreciate it...I might have a few things to shift sometime. I captured a few Rotoms since Rotom-W is all the rage right now :0
    Yeah, Reuniclus is pretty annoying to face >.<...I got one that is 31/x/31/31/30/10, I'm not sure if I should just keep that one, or keep going. I forget if there are any other slowpoke-y Pokemon Reuniclus would like to outrun. I got that one pretty fast, so I may do some more batches and see what I can come up with :)
    Yay, I am actually going to update the thread later tonight. I got stuck on Blitzle for so long, and eventually gave up xD ...I've been doing some Solosis so I'll have those up soon.
    your Starly hatching has been born :) and yes its still a starly and UT @ lv 1. i saved and evolved it to make sure it had reckless as a staravia, so you should be good to go :)
    Yes, that's why I was questioning increasing the S.Def. No one is going to purposely throw a NFE attack. And leech seed restores 1/8, while sub costs 1/4. Dragonite isn't going to have extremespeed and fire blast/punch in the same set very often, but I was just using that to explain prankster really. Make sure you didn't have to find out that trick room is still effectively last. Skarmory would be really just to scout you, as it woudn't be expected that you could do anything important to it, espcially without STAB, or it could use a flying attack.

    Thinking about it, there is one critical flaw in your build. Ferrothorn. People pack fire special attacks just to take out ferrothorn. It means that cottonee is very likely to lose it's cotton guard, because it will be set up in a situation where it's doomed.
    I mean why are you upping it's special defense if it's not going to take those hits well anyway, that seems like something you should just switch out for. Prankster gives +1 priority to status moves. So your trick room is now -6. Spore is now +1, Protect is +4, things like that. Most priority attacks are also +1. Extremespeed is +2. So prankster fails against that attack, but it still can outspeed other fast attacks. When two +1 moves are used in the same round, the speed stat is used. I meant skarmory. It can not only take your hits, but deal pain back.
    Well, you've got other flaws, like enhancing a stat that you aren't protecting. Also, what happens if the aerial wall of steel shows up? Oh and prankster sub isn't necessarily faster than bullet punch, or worse, ice shard. But anyway, I guess I could take the pink one.
    So I ran some calucations. It appears your fort knox set can't even claim an OHKO against scizor and it only becomes a possibility with hazards.
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