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Recent content by Daniel4Wood

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    5IV Vacuum Wave Scyther Giveaway

    Sorry folks, these are all gone. I'll breed some more in the next few days. Regarding the ditto. I was wonder traded it. It's probably hacked, but the Pokemon it makes are legit so can't complain !
  2. D

    Jays Event Shop

    Hey Jay, here's my spreadsheet. If there's anything you're after in it let me know! These are all legit, or clones of legit events. View: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1r_ymf3FC-E6cd-ubJQxTDKdQl26AbRDP78Mxv-lNEPs/edit#gid=1782846485
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    Event Trading

    Ive been busy and have started amassing events. I've removed all of the ones I think you have from my list but forgive me if some slipped through. Would you like any of these ? えいがかん Meloetta GAMESTP Jirachi PCキョウト Ho-Oh GAMESTP Raikou Pスクラップ Shaymin WORLD12 Pikachu ALAMOS Darkrai TRU...
  4. D

    The Rest

    @Ash__Ketchum Apologies. I have been a bit side-tracked. Do you still need these?
  5. D

    LF: HA Chespin and HA Fennekin

    @bugmaniac20 I need your FC
  6. D

    GEN VI: LF: Sandstorm Vivillon

    You're welcome. Sorry I didn't have more !!
  7. D

    Anyone needing one of the 20th Anniversary Legendaries or other Event Pokémon?

    I have a PP Max and 2 Heart Scale's going. If you don't mind trading again I'd love two XYZ Yveltals and a McHoopa
  8. D

    Battle Royal

    Hmm. I'd still prefer it to be last man standing
  9. D

    Battle Royal

    How is this regulated what's stopping three people ganging up on you? Especially if it ends with one person blacking out
  10. D

    The Strange Souvenir Pokémon

    I have transferred the strange souvenir to my alpha sapphire using the GTS just to see if anything happened. It didn't. It must be something to do with sun/moon
  11. D

    GEN VI: LF: Sandstorm Vivillon

    I'll take the shiny fletchling and surprise me with the last thing. My FC is in my signature, send me yours and I'll get working on the HA starters right away
  12. D

    GEN VI: LF: Sandstorm Vivillon

    I can get you the bulbsaur, treecko and piplup in a pokeball I also have pokeball icy snow and meadow Vivillion I'm interested in the gourgeist, sly zoroark and electrivire
  13. D

    LF: HA Chespin and HA Fennekin

    Your chespin and fennekin are ready Two HA Eevee's would be good please
  14. D

    LF: PAL bird codes and others

    Hey @Juliko what would you like for it ?
  15. D

    LF: PAL bird codes and others

    Thanks for the trade White Crowat! First post updated, still looking for the PAL Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres codes