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  • Weird thought of the day:
    It's sometimes said there are infinite alternate universes.
    That means there is one where the Pokémon anime changed protagonists in each series, and the protagonist was always the person who beat Ash in that series' league.
    In Kanto we follow Richie, in Johto Harrison, Tyson in Hoenn, and so on. Ash is a recurring antagonist who always shows up near the end and usually has no personal connection to the main character before losing to them.
    *In Kanto people note he seems like a worse version of our protagonist.
    *People are a bit unsure during Sinnoh since Tobias was a huge Gary Stu in general. People are actually sort of rooting for Ash at this point.
    *They wonder why he has some weird special Greninja during XY, but find it interesting that he suddenly takes an active role in the story, helping resolving Alain's Team Flare plot.

    Then Gladion is the main character of the Sun and Moon anime, but the events are the same as in this universe so he loses to Ash. We then spend four episodes watching Ash battle with Kukui--it actually goes over quite well because Ash being one of the show's few recurring characters and his "never give up" attitude had won him a decent fanbase.
    At this time in that universe, someone is writing a status update on forums.charmandercave.net about the alternate universe where each series followed Ash...
    Actually, we might not even have to travel to an alternate universe for this to happen. I remember reading somewhere that there is a finite number of combinations of particles in the universe (though I don't know how scientifically credible that statement is), meaning that in a universe that is infinite, you will hypothetically find copies of stuff eventually. There might be an Earth-2 trillions of light years away where Ash is not the protagonist of every series in the anime.
    Fanfics when?
    Some more things that would be amusing to think about in this AU:
    *We're told Ritchie didn't lose any Pokémon in the early rounds of the league, then this guy we were introduced to an episode earlier is late to the match with tired Pokémon and still brings Ritchie down to the edge of defeat for the first time. We might actually see a mirrored version of the real world controversy where people argue about whether our hero deserved that win or not (which might contribute to an early AU!Ash fanbase).
    *When he reappears suddenly in Johto we don't know his Charizard is actually really loyal now because we only see him fighting another Fire-type again.
    *He has a Grovyle that doesn't do much in Hoenn (weakens Metagross then gets KO'd), then during Sinnoh he appears fully evolved and is the first person in the series to knock out the main character's Darkrai. Imagine the fan reaction.
    So I just noticed that a surprising number of times episode 131 has sucked for Ash in the anime, either directly or building up to something bad.
    AG 131 was the Hoenn league finals
    DP 131 was the start of the Lake Acuity battle
    XY 131 was the Kalos League finals
    I guess it's not perfect since XY130 is when that match started and DP132 is when that one ended, but it's still a bit odd, I think.

    For the curious, OS131 was the Falkner battle, BW131 seems to be a filler, and Sun/Moon 131 was the Alola League Jessie Vs James battle.

    If the world championship finals starts in journeys 131 I'm going to be concerned.
    Sometimes I find myself wishing the show had found a way to make a reference to MissingNo. Nothing insane, but something like a joke where Ash's Pokédex goes on the fritz and when he scans something a glitchy mess looking like one of the MissingNo. forms appeared on the screen instead of a proper picture of the Pokémon.
    It's May 9th! Happy Piccolo Goku day, everyone!
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    No, no, we'd better celebrate Piccolo's birthday too. It seems just like it was only yesterday he was hatching from his little egg with ambitions of taking over the world. Ahh memories.
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    Well, I've finished most of the current Sw/Sh content. All that's really left is getting items from the Champion Rematches and the Battle Tower and EV training in preparation for the expansion pass.
    I decided to swap a lot of my party around for the post-game quest. I used the following:
    *Jeeves the Intelleon (I usually keep my starter around as much as possible since I think of them as the "main character" in the old RPG style)
    *Tyrfing the Aegislash (poor guy got anime'd and lost to a Doublade but he made up for it against the post-game boss)
    *Wyrm the Charizard
    *Leia the Lucario
    *Bolt the Boltund
    *Fogel the Flygon
    They had no real trouble. For the Battle Tower I just wanted to unlock stuff (I don't care for the three on three single format) so I just brought Karp Diem the Gyarados, Loptyr the (spoiler), and Hikash the Zacian to crush everything as fast as I can. Hikash swept the Tower boss' entire team.
    I think they mentioned some sort of battle challenges after you complete the expansions, and it might be closer in difficuly and design to older game facilities so I want to be ready just in case.
    It's that dojo which limits the Pokemon you can use. Your team might not be eligible. Anyway, I wouldn't expect it to be tougher than the Battle Tower.
    I think that's something different. The limited Pokémon mode is for the Isle of Armor, but the new battles are said to be "after you've completed your entire game, incuding the isle of armor and the Crown tundra." It's around 15:30 on the Pokémon direct.
    Been curious about this since I saw your avatar: Is your avatar Hideyoshi Toyotomi?
    You're on the right track! It's Cao Xing from Romance of the Three Kingdoms IX, and Hideyoshi is a prominent character in it's sister series, Nobunaga's Ambition. Later games gave him an an actually cool portrait instead.
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