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Recent content by Dark Master Draya

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    Who would you pick as your girlfriend/boyfriend?

    What do you mean WOULD... Harley is my babe :P
  2. D

    That Pokemon Isn't Legendary!

    Are there any legend pokemon that shouldn't have that status... maby you're old school and think that all pokemon with genders can't be it or stats. or are there pokemon that you would concider legend dispite concidered otherwise personally I concider manaphy legend but not phonie I do...
  3. D

    War of the Legends!!!!

    As much as i like hoenn... like said before "sinnoh has all the dumb god pokmeon" as well as the largest number of legendaries.
  4. D

    Draya's Random Goodies

    DealerOfChaos I have a few things that i am doin atm so I'll get round to you when I can. TarotCard2 Hope this is ok ^_^
  5. D


    wow that looks awesome... is it done with charcoal???
  6. D

    ☆The DreamWorld Gallery (now with tutorial)☆

    *bump* I've finally added The Tutorial ^_^
  7. D

    Least Favourite Water Starter

    wow... piplup for the clear win (if you even want to call that a win)
  8. D

    Draya's Random Goodies

    darkrai07 glad you liek it ^_^ TarotCard2 ill start yours when i get the time
  9. D

    Dark Cry's Dark Void Shop!!

    Re: Darkrai07's Dark Void Shop!! that looks awesome xD you sir have talent ^_^
  10. D

    Draya's Random Goodies

    darkrai07 sorry it took so long... i spent a solid week playing TF2
  11. D

    (>O_o)> Beeb's Image Shoppe <(o_O<) [UPDATED] Now with sprites!

    that... is... AWESOME!!!! ^_^
  12. D

    (>O_o)> Beeb's Image Shoppe <(o_O<) [UPDATED] Now with sprites!

    you know i love these so much i want one now xD I would like a hanko stamp. Picture: Buttafly Name: darkness Colors: Black and white
  13. D

    (>O_o)> Beeb's Image Shoppe <(o_O<) [UPDATED] Now with sprites!

    OMG "SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" Thank you so much xD
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    Draya's Random Goodies

    Professor Erin i like the way this one turned out ^_^ TarotCard2 Cuz you didnt say a colour i went with red for umbreon darkrai07 I am starting yours now ^_^ Just letting everyone know that they need to be a little bit more spacific with requests... otherwise I'll strat striking...
  15. D

    Draya's Random Goodies

    Aura Sphere ... no i do not sorry TarotCard2 shure Professor Erin ... ummmm... what are halloween colours :\