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  • ok ill do my best to get you that but i havent even caught my own growlith yet so it may be a bit....

    oh i have your shiny eevee want to trade? or did i already give you one?
    WoW such an addictive game :p though i cant keep a constant character i keep switching between my tauren druid and my undead mage
    its been forever how are you my friend im good i just started up my annual easter event Easter Eggschange you should check it out :)
    Oh nvm, I actually caught one! I'm ready to trade if you are, and I can get you more Murkrows' by breeding if you wish.
    I don't have the Murkrow yet, hold on a bit please. I just got back from school, XD. I sincerely apologize for the late reply; I've been trying to catch a shiny Ho-Oh for some time by soft resetting... And neglected this site right after I logged-on, lol.
    No, sorry, but I can get one in the Safari Zone if you'd like. (I'm not at the next region yet, so getting it otherwise would be impossible at the moment. (I only have HeartGold))
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