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  • Alright then... So, based on what you've seen so far, what do you think of Generation 6?

    There's nothing out of the ordinary for me. And sorry, I don't roleplay.
    Well, I'm not fluent in Japanese, so don't expect me to give an accurate translation.

    I see... You could take up Japanese whenever you want. There are a lot of sources online, which you can use. Aside from that, Japan is an interesting country.
    Hi darklord how have you been?
    Also I dunno if I'll go on serebii forums yet because Trioxhydre from there (~*Wigglytuff*~ on here) is glad I'm gone
    Also sorry if what I wrote in the last PM annoyed you
    Good morning (well, night for me XD )
    I watched this video: Beef Plays Ni No Kuni - EP01 - The Story Begins - YouTube
    and wow this game looks awesome!! I totally loved the anime-style scenes, the characters, the dialogue, the voice acting, the story... it was really good!!
    Sadly I probably won't be able to actually play this game, but I might at least try to watch the whole thing on youtube!
    I took a quick look on youtube, and the graphics and anime-like scenes look really nice!! I'll try to watch more gameplay videos of that later!
    hi! sorry that I'm not very active here anymore... I see last time I told you I got 4 badges lol XD I just recently beat Iris! and sadly now the game is getting kinda boring... as usually happens to me with Pokémon games after I finish the plot... but I'm getting a 3DS XL with Mario Kart soon, so I'm not complaining!
    Hi, sorry it takes me long to answer...
    I've been busy translating lately, also playing Black2 - got 4 badges so far!
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