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Recent content by DarkLordKitten

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    Should there be a Pokemon Equivalent of the Mario Maker Series?

    Understandable. As for Gen 3 Graphics, I'm not against this but maybe more improved to emulate or mimic Gen 4 or Gen 5 Graphics. I'm sure that there are people who want to create a post-apocalypse region or at very least create a region with a post-apocalypse feeling with a lot of ruined...
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    Should there be a Pokemon Equivalent of the Mario Maker Series?

    Understandable. I did have the post pre-planned and I cut a few things that I mostly wouldn't think that would work last minute and one of things that I absentmindedly cut, mainly it being a long day for me, and I do think would work and would help with this concern is a "Region Demo" which...
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    Should there be a Pokemon Equivalent of the Mario Maker Series?

    I understand what you are saying, especially about it being more along the lines of RPG Maker rather than Mario Maker, about RPG Maker and how the Pokémon Creator will end up the same way, and Mario Maker, but think about this: Able to create a Pokémon Region through an "Official Nintendo...
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    Should there be a Pokemon Equivalent of the Mario Maker Series?

    Most likely known as "Pokémon Region Maker" The Region: The Obvious Must Haves: Starting Town Gym Towns/Cities At least 1 Forest -Maybe some alternates for forest dungeons (Wetlands and other types of Biomes) Legendary Dungeons Region League and Victory Road At least 1 Parent At least 1 Rival 8...
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    Movies/TV Rate the Last Movie you Watched

    Rogue One 10/10
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    Movies/TV What was the last movie you watched?

    Rogue One
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    The Aether Foundation Speculation

    I think that the Aether Foundation is a covert villainous team while Team Skull is the overt villainous team. My first guess is that the Aether Foundation will be on the PC's side at first but eventually become the true villains while turning Team Skull into either a anti-hero or...
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    Do you think that the removal of Gyms is permanent?

    Probably not. My guess that since the Alola Region takes place on a region where the individual islands are too small to create a individual region for, Gamefreak wanted to do something that would be better suited for said island region, which the regular gym system likely couldn't be fully...
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    Team Skull Speculation

    I wonder if there's going to going to be a superhero outfits because of the Z-Moves because we're going to kill skulls ... Sorry, had to make the reference to CoH, but if there anything like the Skulls from CoH, I might like Team Skull
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    The Alola Region

    I'm going to say South East China with some of the routes are located are in northern Vietnam or the Chinese side of the border of China and Vietnam since I think the Pokémon Sun and Moon versions are a possible reference to the Chinese Folk Religion deities of the Moon (Chang'e) and Sun (Xihe)
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    Recent Gaming Purchases

    Galactic Civilization 3 Not sure if it counts as "games" but I bought RPG Maker 03 and TyranoBuilder Visual Novel Studio with it
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    What video games were you thinking of buying?

    Civilization Beyond Earth Reason: Probably just to have to mod at least two of my eBook factions into Strongbad's Coal game for attractive people: Season One Reason: No other reason but to have a Homestar game Clannad Reason: Watched the both seasons last year and probably only going to...
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    What are you waiting for?

    Just waiting for three packages that I ordered from amazon to arrive and hoping that people would buy my eBooks so I can be a full time author
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    Movies/TV What was the last movie you watched?

    Star Wars The Force Awakens 10/10