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  • Hi,
    I added you to my 3DS friend list.
    My Code is: 3411-1627-7859
    Name: Sebastian or Durgo like u whant
    Many thanks
    Thanks =) Hope you enjoy the Savannah pattern, I found it one of the best patterns so far.
    And good luck with the Vivilion hunting!
    The one from Spain is Marine pattern, if I recall correctly haha. Just send me a trade request when you're ready. My ingame name is Rodolpho.
    Also, thanks for checking my friend safari type =D
    About the exchange, just send me one Scatterbug of your region =) So far I only have the brazilian one and one pattern from Spain!
    Hello, I've added you. My FC is: 2105-9067-9813, I'm not sure which type my friend safari is but a friend mentioned we got a galvantula or joltik in there.
    I'll try to get one vivilion and trade it with you, for the savanah pattern (According to serebii that's the one we get here in Brazil)
    I'm really glad that I could help. And once again I apologize for not being able to help you fully. I'll keep you in mind mind in case I get an other Tundra pattern :)
    And no I don't have sun so hopefully I'll get it soon and thus thank you for the extra entry. The pattern is quite nice. But, I still think that Polar is the cooler ( I love the ice type so :p)
    Btw, a user here is offering the ocean pattern, Maybe you can get to trade with them?
    Thank you so much for understanding :)
    Oh, I really did not know that. I have never caught a shiny so :p
    Thank you so much for the heads up. And ok, I will entrust you with my Tundra Vivi. Do you have time to trade now?
    Oh, I see now. Does every Vivillon pattern get an different entry?

    Well, aside from the fact that Tundra is one of my favorite patterns, as you have guessed it would really be hard for me to trade it away because it was a gift. I would not call it stealing though :)
    But, by all means, we can do the double-trade back thing :)

    And I'm sorry that I can't help you out with Tundra :/
    Lol obviously they won't give you that kind of Swepa. GF really made it hard with vivillons, because now some fans have monopolies over certain types of vivllion while other countries share one common pattern. Tbh , I do not even like the way they divded the patterns on the regions. Japan is known as the empire of the sun,but somehow, Mexico's is so special to the point that their pattern is called sun. And obviously gardens only appear in England, and rivers are only in Australia xd
    I actually put up a vivi for Xerneas for the lols as well hahaha god Visting the GTS crack me up.
    I do want a sun pattern, but I am not quite sure what do mean by a trade back with my tundra?
    Keep that positive attitude and your dedication and it's only a matter of time before you'll experience your first online battling win. The important thing is to enjoy the battles, no matter the outcome.
    I've only used Super training on a few Pokemon too, although I never spent a great deal of time super training. I'm waiting to transfer my already EV trained team from Black 2. Until then I'm fine battling with the Pokemon I have, unless I feel the sudden urge to super train Pokemon.

    I haven't been a big online battler either, although now that the Pokemon games have a lot more internet freedom I am hoping that will change. I will be looking forward to battling plenty of people online.
    You managed to take out 5 of my 6 Pokemon when you were only using 3. I thought that was quite impressive, and I knew your Pokemon were powerful, so I wanted to go all out against you. I'm glad you enjoyed our battle.

    Do you own Pokemon X or Y, or both? If you own only X and in need of Y exclusive Pokemon, I can breed you them if you need.
    It was a great match. I saw how well you performed last time, so I added Mewtwo to my party to really get things going. Thank you for battling with me.
    I see. I believe that you can use six Pokemon on the PSS battling system for all styles of battle. I want to battle you once more, so that this time we can have a fair battle.
    I'm certain you would have beaten me if you actually used six Pokemon. Why did you only use three?
    Apologies, your PM didn't send, because my inbox was full. If you'd like to send your friend code to me via VM or PM again, I'll add you.
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