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  • So if Milo Murphy's Law does get greenlit for season 3, Joshua Pruett has said hat the next arc will be about robots,
    and potentially about Milo discovering that Murphy's Law is actually good for something and more. Let's hope a renewal for
    Disney Channel or Disney+ happens.

    It had better. Season 2 ends with Milo and co. still stuck on Octalia because Murphy's Law destroys the ship
    they were planning to go home on. :LOL:
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    Yep. Kinda sucks but May's about halfway over so 4 months and 2 weeks isn't that bad considering
    we had to wait a year and a half for The Phineas and Ferb Effect. :ROFLMAO::LOL::ROFLMAO:
    But lol, Webby's group becoming pals with the boys apparently. That should be amusing.:LOL:
    Yeah. And I'm mixed on the soundtrack. All of the remixes of the songs seemingly sound like hip-hop/rap versions of the originals. Meh.

    Indeed. :ROFLMAO:
    And now we're back to Big Hero 6: The Series and DuckTales being on hiatus again. And right after Donald just got arrested by Lunaris and
    Della and Lena came back, too. And Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure will still be on hiatus for June 2019. Please be good, Amphibia. :LOL:
    Interesting. Still not terribly excited for it tbh. Looks like a low-budgeted Disney Channel Original Movie that was greenlit to be put into theaters
    for some random reason. :LOL:
    Yep. Stan was able to get in at least 2 cameos before his passing.

    Oh yeah, Konami Cross Media (formerly 4K Media/4Kids)'s dialouge is still way better than most of the stuff Carter cranks out.
    At least they don't make their characters rhyme with every sentence.

    Yep, or Hiro / Honey Lemon... obviously when Hiro's a little older though. :ROFLMAO:

    Indeed. Almost one of those times where I wish a series could coexist with another but Ash can't be in two places at the same time. :LOL:
    Like JPR said, I also hope the last episode's a Pallet Town episode that shows Ash setting off for the Galar region.
    still willing dab in public
    ^ I can't. I still hate Vrains, but that was pretty funny. Who writes this stuff? :ROFLMAO: ^

    Yep. It's easy to see where Dewey got his traits from. :LOL:
    Indeed. Karmi and Honey Lemon being buds, didn't see that coming.
    But I hope the series doesn't don't go with Hiro and Karmi as the main series paring though. I'd rather they just be friends, tbh.

    Pretty much.
    Lol, Even KG and co. were a little bummed that there's only less than 20 episodes of SM left until the Sword & Shield anime. :LOL:

    Lol, Ben Schwartz is having too much fun with this show. :ROFLMAO:

    KG's moving back to Twitch because YouTube's garbage. His channel's fine, his videos are all still there,
    but if someone wants to have a successful channel on that platform, YouTube's pretty much forcing people to upload a video
    every single day to do so and KG simply doesn't have the time to do that due to life and stuff.
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