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  • Thanks for the wishes! No further illnesses for now thank heavens. Happy Easter to you too! :bulbagarden: <— pretend this is an egg. I hope your April passes quickly, tax year end or something innit?

    Yeah we’ll say it’s that shall we ;) Oh good, well done. (Dammit.) The less said about my Pt progress for now the better…

    Also what’s wrong with 2 grass types?! I had to fill my 6th slot with something and already had 2 Bidoofs ok?!
    Yeah better thanks haha. Although I now have a different viral illness… thanks to sticking tongue depressors into sick children’s mouths and making them cough all over me I guess. So fed up of being ill already haha. Don’t feel I can take any more sick leave post covid either… Ugh.

    Hahahaha am I psychic or are you just that easy to read? :ROFLMAO: Glad you’re enjoying it though! I never understood what people were bitching about anyway, to my eyes it always looked amazing so I’m glad the gameplay is living up to it.

    And yes I have logged a couple of hours of platinum since we last spoke. I now have a Budew.
    Maybe we are still in 2020 as you said? Since... I have covid again LOL. This time it has caused me to break out into an itchy rash all over my body and for my face to swell like a balloon! Serves me right for going on holiday I suppose lol? :p:cry:

    Your last message isn't clear but I feel like you may have just gone 'f it' and bought Legends based on the end...

    I think short seasons do make an enormous difference. I feel like a 6-episode long season can just be so much tighter in its delivery than if it needs to stretch over 26 episodes. Truthfully I never make it past 3 seasons of any US show for this reason. Overly long and ultimately not worth it because the quality is so thinly spread across it. Let me know if you like The Office - it's very polarising people either love it or (generally Americans in this camp) hate it.

    Oh dear that sounds like my idea of hell too. I'm also in a similar transitory period of taking on more of a managerial role (not yet as bad as yours but steadily progressing towards it) and I hate it. Wish I could just be left to see my own patients like before lmao. All that self-congratulatory shit drives me up the wall too. I wonder if those magical government jobs are real since I too would be up for one...
    Ugh I hate you for being right. I just went on holiday and took my 2DS with me thinking 'Imma play on the plane!' In the end? Literally nothing. I dunno, for some reason I just can't be arsed...

    Ditto I have not been keeping up with Arceus news. All I know is my best friend from uni texted to say it is apparently really good (although he is yet to actually get hold of it himself...) Lemme know how it is once you eventually cave in and buy it :p

    The UK Office is only 12 or 14 episodes total and is really hilarious (in a completely different way from the US Office). I also found the first 2-3 series of the US Office funny but beyond that it was a disastrous mix of boring and cringeworthy and completely unbelievable so gave up. Oh dear, sorry your new role hasn't inspired you to greatness yet. What's the change for you from the old role?

    It's ok I've been in a constant state of panic also, in a continuation of life as normal. Ah well.
    Tbf London is much less dreary these days probably thanks to global warming… (Although I agree a warm cup of tea with a chocolate biscuit in front of the fire whilst it’s pissing it down outside is quite cosy and very British.)

    Thank you haha. Though actually after writing to you last I have managed to get as far as Jubilife City with my Turtwig, a Starly, Shinx and 2 Bidoofs in tow… I may yet whoop Cynthia’s ass before Legends!

    I’m not sure whether to congratulate you on your new role (which clearly means you’re doing something right in the current role!) but I’m glad you at least have a week off haha :p Have you ever watched The Office? Your job saga reminds me of Tim/Jim a little…

    Ditto Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Enjoy your break, stop worrying (I know you are right now!!!) and continue the food coma!
    Yes OMG, why are people like that huh?! Just let me chill in the comfort of my own apartment... Something tells me "travelling alone" would mean you just say sat on the sofa though pal :p When you make it to London I will give you a grand tour of the grey suburbs I call home - will be a unique tourist experience, trust me.

    Life is good otherwise. I finally feel settled into both my new scary job and into my new scary marriage, and now just able to relax and enjoy life a bit! Of course that does mean that I haven't even been allowed to own Pokeballs yet in Pt... But that's a problem for another day... I am so zen that I don't even mind the inevitable rinsing I'll get from you for my lack of progress...

    How bout you buddy? How are things?
    Those are some big dreams you have there buddy… I hope you at least manage to do some island hopping in the next year or so. Come say hi on your Europe trip! Tbf New York is super cool, would highly recommend for your skyscraper experience, maybe in winter to tick snow off as well?! Commiserations that your holiday is ending…

    I have a confession to make which is that I actually dread holidays (even though they generally end up being enjoyable), so I don’t have a wish list… I just get dragged places by other people. But you’re right, if I have to leave home, lounging on a beach is my idea of heaven.

    Tbf gloating over you IS payback enough! Must hustle…
    You’re right - I got a £180 refund which is pretty sweet :cool: Today I have to sort out some dumbass buildings regulations problem I inherited with the flat though UUGH.

    What’s on your travel wish list before this passport expires?

    We will see ok? What do I win if I have completed before Legends comes out
    Yeah fingers crossed for you bud that you get good uptake over there (eventually)…

    I have a lot of admin to sort out that I’ve been neglecting (V has been nagging me about my income tax sitch for months lol) which I feel quite depressed about having to tackle LOL. But we are going away this weekend with some of my school friends so hopefully that’ll make up for it.

    Oi! I might blast through the game once I get a chance to sit down and play it!!
    No no, wishing me to be in A&E is just fine :p If not there then I need to be in bed/on the beach .etc. I’m gonna be there forevermore now as I’m done with other specialty rotations, woohoo!

    Ah right yeah I get you. It’s the same here tbh, loads of people were hesitant when it was only AZ on offer. But I think it’s cuz people don’t realise genuinely how much better it is to have any jab over actually getting covid as an unvaccinated person?!

    Ah enjoy your time, your plans sound quite wonderful actually. I wish it feels like it lasts long and you exit it refreshed… I too have 7 days off from tomorrow and I am desperate for it to start ASAP LOL.

    I’ve finally started Pt btw! I picked Turtwig :bulbaLove: So far I have not left Twinleaf Town lolol. But it’s so nostalgic to hear DP anime music in the game. I also really hope Legends can live up to the name!
    Well the one thing is that I am now back in the emergency department as opposite to ICU so in that sense, though no one would describe A&E as calm lol, I am much happier! I’m very glad you got your second dose but DAMN you’ve run out of people wanting the vaccine that quickly?! I didn’t realise there would be so much reluctance where you are! What is driving it?

    Haha omg your description cracked me up - so so relatable :ROFLMAO: Have you got anything planned for it other than sleeping, eating etc?

    Omg I think Legends looks phenomenal, my only concern is that I now have the means but not necessarily the time to play it… (I am yet to start Pt that I bought for Christmas…) Was there a new trailer for BDSP? And what are your thoughts?

    Meanwhile I’ve just had the worst set of night shifts since starting this job thanks to a sudden and totally predictable influx of sick covid patients… UK govt obvs still in self-congratulation mode tho for removing all restrictions!

    Omg an air fryer!! Yeah definitely marry that mate because an opportunity like that comes around just once in a lifetime. 3 weeks off sounds dreamy and I wish you a speedy August to get there.
    Ugh, sorry, sounds like Barbados is having a terrible time of it. How's vaccinating going over there? I imagine this hurricane would have caused serious disruption to that too. I hope your week off does you some good.

    Haha yes thank you! And I've kept both my maiden name and obviously my professional title, so I remain Dr SS :p
    Well the funny thing (or perhaps not so funny…) is that whilst we are now very much in a third wave of covid, the government is hellbent on fully removing restrictions on July 19th, although the vaccination programme has a way to go, so… I am not hype for the shitstorm I’m certain will abound at work in the coming months but oh well.

    In other news we finally tied the knot! It was a lovely day and I am in newly wedded bliss lol. I feel now like all my worries that I was splurging on here before have been reassured and things are going really happily :giggle:

    What news with you?
    Thank you, and I'm so happy you've had your first jab! The first step for you for all this crap to be over! I will likewise pray for a bountiful supply of vaccines at least until you've had your second :p

    I will keep an eye out for any nice gals heading your way and make you a recommendation (though... I must admit that they are few and far between especially given the total lack of international travel atm lol). Even as a maximal extrovert I found dating to be such an absolute gut-wrench that I nearly just gave up and accepted singledom so many times, so I can only imagine the struggle. Even though there's no logic to it however, I do truly believe that people who want to find love will find it even (or maybe especially) when they don't go looking for it, so if you are that way inclined I'm certain someone amazing will come and drag you away against your will :ROFLMAO:
    No Groudon?! Yeah that is a lame volcanic eruption.

    I'm glad things are quieting down for you. I think with all this covid crap work (or maybe everything?) feels even more intense/overwhelming than usual. Work stuff has deffo eased for me too since covid 2nd wave badness. We're slowly reopening in the UK, though in the early phases of a third wave so that's a bit on pause again haha, but I feel like progress is being made especially wrt vaccinating which feels like the endgame rn.

    Thank you so much for your input on the introversion stuff :bulbaLove: You have mentioned about it before but as you say screen powers make online communication so different! (What's uncanny is that V's also an accountant lol.) I think you're right that the balance works and that he often has fun despite himself when I've dragged him out. He's also pretty clear about his boundaries RE time and space which is so helpful in reminding me to let him be. As you say, communication is key! We're pretty good but sure there is work to be done to make it even better going forwards.

    If it's not too nosey to ask, how do you fare on the dating scene being an introvert? V and I got introduced through mutual friends which forced his hand a bit lol.
    V beat the Monster Hunter game in a weekend so I can't imagine it's all that tbh :p I get you RE the remake art style, like it's nostalgic for sure but I'm not sold on it compared with the styles used in Let's Go/SwSh/Legends.

    OMG what is this volcano shit?! Sounds like Team Magma is running amok over there?! Stay safe, what a nightmare with asthma as well... Hope the sun emerges before the next time you log into the forums...
    Fan of Jarrus
    Fan of Jarrus
    What are the Monster Hunter games like?
    ii kanji
    ii kanji
    Pal I have no clue, just that my other half loves it (or at least really loved it as a kid and felt the need to relive that as a grown-ass adult and found it a little easy this time around). Our man Foxy over here also hasn't played them. If you pick it up though, let us know how you find it!
    Yes! Finally beat ORAS, did all the stuff I wanted and put it back down (screw catching them all). I have to admit I am yet to start Pt... The good/bad thing is that V has bought a Switch (for some (other) dumb monster hunting game) so come June I am going to have the ability to also play the new games... How will I ever catch up now?! I am psyched for Legends though, that is the game I really wanted to play when I saw the trailers!

    Haha I can so relate RE groceries... I'm glad things are improving in Barbados though. Things are also much better here. We just shut the covid ICU last week and are kind of headed back to normality. I think/hope it helps that we've had a really good vaccine rollout here. Yes, thank heavens, I've had my 2 now, as has my granny, and my parents have both had first doses. Hopefully you'll get yours soon!

    And yes Happy Easter!!! Any other news with you? How goes the number crunching?
    Yeah the EXP share is broken in this game too. Pretty much since I picked the game back up again in winter, my team has been consistently 20 levels higher than every opponent faced, including E4/champion. Surely blacking out must still exist though, because what would happen otherwise?! Omg though, the struggle to get Gyarados back in RBY, the kids will never understand!

    I'm sorry, that's shit :( (Apparently literally as well as figuratively, lol?! I liked your toilet joke too buddy.) We've been in a state of utter chaos too. No hospital beds, no ICU beds, no ventilators .etc. This week even one of my colleagues in the same department died of covid. I didn't know them well but I felt so sorry for the staff that did who just had to carry on working like nothing had happened...

    Will this 'pause' make much of a difference to your day to day life?
    Maybe you’d be right if the game was so damn easy. I’ve not faced a single hard fight yet and I haven’t done even a second’s worth of grinding!

    I’ve just sat down for the first time on my night shift (it’s 7:11am...) so suffice to say I don’t have any happy news to tell you from here. Why is your office shut again?! I mean I guess if there is covid in the community then it is the safe thing to do but I get your frustration...

    I put on 5kg since covid and I can’t really be arsed to do anything about it... oh well! I accept these newly fattened regions as the first signs of middle age :p
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