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  • Ah so jelly. Where are you off to? Currently wishing my new job would just be sucked into a black hole and die so I could be free of it.
    Lol I know that feeling. How goeth the job hunt?

    Yeah I've definitely got SM fatigue at this point. Very excited to be in Pokeani London as well which helps...
    Why can't we just become, like, champions after a few hours of wandering around setting our mad animals on people 'huh?!

    The emotional follow-up in the next episode was better but not sure it 100% makes up for the trash in SM131...
    Oooh I hope you find yourself something profitable!!

    Yeah, about that, don't waste your time. It was rubbish :cry:
    If by 'preparing' you mean 'not preparing', then yes ;)

    Any news with you? You watching the League? My babies are duking it out this Sunday and I am feeling very emotionally exposed.
    I also came back at DP after a gap from freaking OS, I'm telling you, you are not done with the franchise truly forever until you die.

    Thank you, it's good we have our priorities in order...
    Fair enough, but you know I was at that point a few years back before I came back HARD. I don't believe one can ever truly leave Pokemon...

    Btw got myself a shiny new job as of August :cool: £££ (lol not really, but I can kid myself for today...)
    Wait are you telling me that Platinum isn't your most wonderful experience?
    The overworld is stunning and the grass monkey is super cute, but I ain't buying a switch to wander round the UK...
    I dunno really. It looks like they haven't done enough to be different, again. Scorbunny is kinda cool though and I'm liking some of the rural areas.
    OMFG how funny are the replies (the trolling is so blatant!!) and HOW did you find that post?!
    When are you going to smash me
    Reactions: DashingFox
    ii kanji
    ii kanji
    Yeah... ok no... but I'm at the league and have a team of 6!!

    Wait I only vaguely remember this evolution/capture thingy... did I troll saying that there was a pokemon on that scrunchie that Serena was going to get or something? Pokeani fans are so easily trolled...
    ii kanji
    ii kanji
    Whoops how the fuck did I do that... ABORT ABORT!!
    You're gonna be so proud - I have a team of 5 and have defeated all the gyms!

    Congratulations! I hope it's a big'un in June ;-) And thank you, fortunately passed so don't need to pay £310 to retake it lol.

    I miss vBulletin so much... I wouldn't mind the reaction shit if there were some troll reactions allowed :p

    I thought the Necrozma arc was ass so you might enjoy it?
    Lmao, when you say troll I always remember you talking about your friend's hair scrunchie in the evolution/capture thread. People were so enthralled! lmao
    Oi! What did you choose bitch, Totodile? Please.

    Ok fine HAVE A WONDERFUL 2019!!! Hey did you get a pay rise for passing all your exams yet? I pray that for you. Btw I took an exam in December, please direct your +ve energy into that paper getting a passing mark...
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