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  • Oh no I can’t believe you were ill too! Was it the plague or some other bullshit? Please don’t catch anything this time around you need some R+R buddy...

    I am completely recovered, though as you’ve guessed, the bloody thing managed to wreck my actual week of annual leave I’d taken, but never mind. One way or another I feel like it’s over and done with.

    I only managed to rescue my DS charger recently and I am currently neck deep in revision for an exam (tomorrow) that I am certain to fail :p Definitely after my practicals in Oct I am kicking back and gallivanting round Hoenn - how else will I be ready for Sinnoh this Christmas otherwise?!
    Haha I'm glad to provide you with the emotional whiplash you'd otherwise be missing ;) And thank you for your wishes! It is nice to have an imaginary wedding to look forward to amidst all the other shit.

    Ok in fairness to me, I haven't really played until this week since I moved to the flat because I'm now cycling to work as opposed to sitting on the train and playing Pokemon. So anyway I picked the game up this week and have finally extricated myself from what was as you say a pretty insignificant desert. And then my DS battery died and the charger is at the flat but I'm at home... TBC...

    I'm ok actually! Daily fevers which is a bore but nothing very worrying and I'll be fully recovered soon I'm certain. The best thing is that I have scored 2 weeks off before I start a new job including skipping a set of weekend nights, woohoo! Hopefully me catching it means that in karmic terms you're safe. Take care ok?!
    so I legit haven't talked to you in probably like... nine years now? I'm VERY surprised you're still here. =O I wouldn't be surprised if you don't remember me, since I kinda disappeared from here years ago.

    Um, enjoy your week off :confused_emoji: Ditto RE 2020.

    I got engaged! Although planning a wedding is obviously off the cards :p Otherwise same shit different day. Any news with you?

    Don't you dare bash my baby Dustox! She's an MVP in a team of MVPs. If I'm honest I still haven't crossed the sea and am lost in that stupid freaking desert near Lavaridge Town...
    ii kanji
    ii kanji
    Oh! I too have managed to wangle a week off!
    By catching coronavirus :cry:
    Uhgsdhjfjk I hope you're able to find a route out sooner than later... It is possible, especially for an accountant!

    I'm actually really far! I've finally gotten surf, thank God! And just surfing my way through West Hoenn to cover the bits I've missed before crossing the sea. My team is Sceptile, Dustox, Lombre, Gardevoir, Slaking and Camerupt.
    I'm glad you're all alive and well, although I sympathise RE home now being a prison. I can't remember if I told you I bought a flat which completed just before the shit really hit the fan here. I'm so thankful, but it's now become like a jail cell for me! I'm scared to go home in case I take the virus back from work blah blah blah. Anyway, luckily me and my loved ones are all alive, well and in work so have nothing really to complain about.

    I wonder if the new anime would be more your cup of tea BTW? Satoshi is in the process of getting some monstrous dream squad assembled for BATTLES GALORE in a World Tournament arc!

    Also, I finally persuaded a Wurmple to evolve into a Cascoon for me (so many boxed Silcoons...) so making mega progress with AS :p
    Yay for miracles!! Frightening how quickly each day off is going though... Why can't working weeks run at this rate?!

    Thank you for complimenting my consistency. What can I say, I've just thrown lots of balls at random...

    Aww yay for drumkey! Also wow that's good, well done you! I wouldn't say Dexit makes it meaningless - I never even completed Kanto so...

    I really enjoyed the SM anime and I'm hating PM so far so maybe you should try it? :p Although in all seriousness it seems to be bombing with all varieties of fans so far so maybe not...
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Hope you've had/got some time off? I'm off for two whole weeks! It's a Christmas miracle!

    Alpha Sapphire is really dull so far but then I haven't made it past Petalburg yet lol :p I do have a full team of 6 pokemon all <lvl 10 so I've got that going for me...

    Wow congrats for winning a battle! I can see we have a little Satoshi on our hands here ho boooy! Don't you have any staples in your team though? Like... your starter?...
    Probably some shite like Krabby.

    You can give the cute baby to me when I get SwSh in a million years. (I'm starting to get excited to get Alpha Sapphire for Christmas :D)

    Yeah Mr. Rime, so kayuuuuuuute! <3 I hope you use it on your team? Are you shield doge or sword doge?
    Thing is, however admirable it was of me to stick with Gyarados, it was fucking shit. Blastoise had a much better moveset and was a tank, Gyarados had... rage. Saying all this, I used the Lake of Rage Gyarados in HG and it was really much better than I remembered, but I think it has been beefed up somewhat since Yellow :p

    Wait, whaaaaaaaaaaaa-?! You think the flying version of the apple dragon is better?! I like the pie version...
    My Yellow team was always the same... Pikachu, the 3 fully evolved starters, Butterfree and... Gyarados :bulbaFacepalm: So poorly balanced it puts me to shame... Can you even imagine the time I spent grinding in that grass outside Cerulean to level up the low-leveled Magikarps I'd pick up? WHY?!?!?!?!??!?!

    Gosh the ice larva is so cute isn't it?! I want it... Have you met the old woman gym leader yet? Also there's a female doctor NPC who looks a bit like me so say hi when you beat the shite out of her...
    Butterfree was a forever Pokemon for me...

    Oh I'm sorry if I spoiled!! I haven't had a very thorough root through the dex tbh so I don't know much about anything, can't wait to hear about your new friends!
    At this point I'm really not sure :p

    Me too!! I wanna play with that good little monkey <3 I think both fire and water final evos are underwhelming, and water might be the worst ever final evo... (Butterfree was a useful bug in Yellow where it learnt confusion at Lv 10 and beat Brock for me repeatedly.) I love Grimmsnarl what a cool demon! There are loads of weird and quirky mons this gen which I just love <3 <3 Mr. Mime Sr, ice moth and apple dragon are amongst my faves but hard to pick, don't know what would make the cut for a team of 6 for me!
    I'm so jealous, I've been watching some gameplay on YouTube and it looks amazing!! On Saturday I seriously considered withdrawing my offer on a flat and just going and buying myself a switch :p
    Apart from drumkey, who else do you have on your team?
    What more do I need to do than lie on the beach and eat non-stop plantain in between times?

    If it's of any consolation my government sucks too.

    Omg right?! I wish so much I could play them! (Alas I am currently trying to buy a flat so can't really justify the cost of Switch + game...) I got to play a preview at PokeCen London. It was 10 minutes gameplay after 5 hours queuing lol but the game is SO GOOD!! Enjoy Grookey for me. I wanna hear all about it!!
    LOL ok maybe I'll just come back to Barbados again next time :p

    Just to do a bit more salt rubbing, guess who's off this week? :cool: Don't the government give you national-holidays-that-fall-on-the-weekend-lieu days during the week to make up for it?! They suck if not.
    Tell me more about the kidnapping risk...

    I mean, the weather here does suck, but I know what you mean. Truth be told, I had a magical renewal of life purpose moment last night cycling back in the dark in the cold & rain, scooting around beeping cars stuck in traffic and singing along to Battle Frontier that living in London is the best sometimes.

    How are post-holiday blues?
    Oh I’ve always wanted to go to Trinidad! The neighbour across the street from me used to drive a black cab with a Trinidad and Tobago advertising board on its side and as a kid I used to dream I was there and not in cold, grey London wasting my life at school :p

    But yeah black hole plan is a-go. When does your vacation end?
    Ah so jelly. Where are you off to? Currently wishing my new job would just be sucked into a black hole and die so I could be free of it.
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