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Recent content by DasManiac

  1. DasManiac

    Official Pre-Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield Speculation & Leaks thread

    I didn't buy USUM and I have no intention on getting this.
  2. DasManiac

    Preview M21: Everyone's Story

    The art style is gorgeous. I certainly did not expect a sequel to the previous film. Lugia's theme is also a surprise. There's something in the water too. Was that supposed to be Lugia?
  3. DasManiac

    Generation 8 Rumours/Fakes/Leaks

    Gen 8 is early in development. People should keep that in mind. Things will change. At E3 the game was announced as having started development and with a release date set for late 2018 at the earliest.
  4. DasManiac

    US/UM Trailers and News Discussion

    Why are they using Archie and Maxie's old designs?
  5. DasManiac

    Spoilers What are your feelings on Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon?

    It's such a shame this nice looking game is stuck on the 3DS, with a sluggish frame rate (even evident in the trailers) and 240p resolution. New locations in Kanto could be added to the north of Cerulean, in the mountains but that's about it.
  6. DasManiac

    US/UM Trailers and News Discussion

    There is a chance they could be descendants of the Royal family. These three people somewhat resemble samurai.
  7. DasManiac

    US/UM Trailers and News Discussion

    I have no idea what that thing is in Sophocles's trial. It appears to be a combination of Metagross and Vikavolt.
  8. DasManiac

    US/UM Trailers and News Discussion

    I doubt that's a gym.
  9. DasManiac

    Thoughts on Lycanroc Dusk

    Game Freak at it again. They've done this nonsense before. You could only get Mega Blaziken in X/Y with the event but it was available in game in OR/AS. Generally these things are available in the next game but then again Deerling and Sawsbuck's forms are unobtainable in Gen VI and Gen VII (so...
  10. DasManiac

    Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Confirmed

    This is dumb even by Game Freak standards. It looks barely any different than day Lycancroc, just orange. There will be no excuse this time if Game Freak refuses to patch Sun/Moon to include all these new forms.
  11. DasManiac

    Speculation Future pricing for Pokemon on Switch: 40 or 60?

    $60 would be way too much considering that you will have to pay to access online. A significant portion of Pokemon is online and now you're going to have to pay for it so the price needs to be adjusted to compensate for that. Sticking with this nonsense of two versions would be even more...
  12. DasManiac

    Locations/areas you'd like to see expanded

    Most of it was a cave. Maybe we have different ideas of what constitutes a canyon but I for one was confused.
  13. DasManiac

    Confirmed: Core Pokemon on Switch

    Diamond/Pearl was also a similar scenario. Game Freak announced those games a long time before they were released.
  14. DasManiac

    Confirmed: Core Pokemon on Switch

    All the Pokemon models are HD proof so that cuts down on development time. The Pokemon models are super high polygon. They just need HD textures.
  15. DasManiac

    Confirmed: Core Pokemon on Switch

    Just like BW2. We've seen this before. Skeleton crew develops a second game for the aging system with mostly reused assets while the core team works on developing a new generation. Game Freak is so predictable.