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  • hey there! i saw this:

    In Gold and Soul Silver, the original Red Gyarados, of course. But also:

    Paras - LG Safari Zone
    Unown ("R") - Diamond, Solaceon Ruins
    Gyarados - Diamond, wild in a river
    Lumineon - Diamond, wild in the same river later that day
    Bronzor - Platinum, wild in Lost Cave
    Absol - obtained from a friend in a trade (he had extra)

    All legitimate. I've been lucky with shinies in the past couple of years.

    & i would really really like to trade something for that shiny unown! i can RNG breed so i'd breed any shiny pokemon you want - i have a few (not shiny) legends if you need any - name your price! (as a bonus i can deduce your SID on the game you got the shiny from & teach you how to breed shiny eggs)

    i understand if you say no as i'd never trade my "random encounter" shinies
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