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  • Hey thanks for the positive feedback! If you will ever need anything then just give me a pm or vm and we sort things out. Prepare a great Gliscor so you can use it in our future battle :)
    I guess so - thats all of them :) As you may have noticed some of them are leveled because I used them in breeding. Ive marked some of them so you can tell their perfect IVs, Gligar has perfect IVs in health so you can use it as well. I have already a sort of ready team so I will be glad to battle you whenever you ready :) Add me on DW and Ill gladly accept you, if you had a moment in the future I would like your help in evolving some pokemons :) Cheers!
    Ah thank you, there was no need really :) Im free in 15 minutes if you are interested, 6pm should be fine as well
    Hey dave dont worry you will have your Gliscor - if my connection wont be that picky :p Theres no chance for a typo in my sig - it worked fine for every trader I met so far. Maybe just double check it ? Cheers
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