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  • No reason to thank me - your trades are generous for me as well :) I wouldnt mind to complete our deals asap but Sunday is of course alrigth :)
    No reason to thank me - your trades are generous for me as well :) I wouldnt mind to complete our deals asap but Sunday is of course alrigth :)
    No reason to thank me - your trades are generous for me as well :) I wouldnt mind to complete our deals asap but Sunday is of course alrigth :)
    Argh tomorrow Im afraid Im kinda busy for the most of the afternoon and evening. Im free until 1pm, but have Saturday and Sunday all free
    My code is 1721 2556 2597
    Hi sorry for such a late response - of course its enough - got a plenty of them. Just give me a time and we can go :) Im free for next few hours and whole tomorrow day
    Hi! I would really love giving you those dittos, but i can't find my White right now. I'll VM you when/if i find it.
    Well getting what you want may take quite a while as well. Typically breeding for me getting 2-3 perfect Appropriate IV's + nature + ability takes about 4 hours of breeding. (i don't use fast egg hatch, just a volcarona to half the egg steps needed) so with the egg moves each one will take a while.
    well Chaining for natures and shiny will probably be the way to go. I'll have to look up some good pokes for you too chain, I can't really think of anything off the top of my head.
    You see that is one problem i ran into. The items you were offering me i don't really have utility for. check my trade shop for more details.
    I'm willing to take a breeding project, as long as the materials are present. (In other words, I may need some pokemon to breed first, depending on the pokemon requested.)
    I also can't RNG, so the result being shiny could be tough. ^^;
    heya dude, here is a copy of ur post:

    Ferroseed, with a Relaxed nature and the moves Leech Seed and Spikes.

    Larvitar, with Adamant nature and the moves Stealth Rock and Pursuit. Perfect Attack and Special Defence IV's essential.

    Timburr, with an Adamant nature and the moves Drain Punch and Mach Punch. Perfect Attack IV needed. Guts for the ability.

    Solosis, Relaxed nature. Perfect Special Attack IV needed. Magic Guard for the ability.

    Drillbur, Jolly nature. Perfect Speed and Attack, Sandrush for the ability (the one that doubles speed in sandstorm).

    Note, these must be in eggs, and In all cases, excellent IV's are a huge bonus (those that must have 31 in certain IV's are listed).
    Maybe, depends on what I've got going on. I had fun when I realized that only one member of my team is considered OU. But yeah, that was fun. That was my second wifi-battle ever. I haven't battled regularly since Red Version, so this tournament is kind of exciting.
    I can do the match any time today really. I was planning on wandering out soonish though, so sorry if I miss you. Either way, leave your code with me, and I'll add you.
    Vaporeon is really just pure power (hence why I put Hydro Pump on over Surf). Both specials are high, and Toxic is to take out anything that the other attacks can't.

    Roserade... man, I messed up with Roserade. I was sure you were going to switch out Metagross hence why I tried to catch out an entering Pokémon with Leech Seed.

    Your Snorlax and Metagross are both really great battlers. I didn't think I was going to get past Snorlax once curse was set up. As for Metagross... I knew there was a chance Rhyperior would survive Meteor Mash due to high defence combined with Solid Rock. But it still did a lot more damage than I'd hoped.

    Anyway, I really do have to go now. I'll message you later :)
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