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Recent content by Dawn<3

  1. D

    Why did ^ get hit by a bus

    ^Was trying to put out the fire on the tip of ^'s Tail
  2. D

    Why did ^ get hit by a bus

    ^Happened to be fighting a Hollow when ^ got hit
  3. D

    Why did ^ get hit by a bus

    ^Was investigating a banana peel with a magnifying glass
  4. D

    Why did ^ get hit by a bus

    Title explains all....You just have to say why the person above you got hit by a bus... Example: ^ got hit by a bus because she was doing her homework on the middle of the road Have Fun!!
  5. D

    What does ^'s signature tell you about them?

    ^Can get really emotional at times
  6. D

    "What do the two above have in common?" Game

    ^ and ^^ both don't have the letter 'e' in their names
  7. D

    ^ The One Above [v2]

    ^Has good taste in signature pictures
  8. D

    Ban the User Above v2

    Banned cuz u can't follow me after i switch on the light!
  9. D

    First thing that comes to mind when thinking of the User above

    A lawn mower
  10. D

    Ban the User Above v2

    Banned cuz u let the snowman melt!!!
  11. D

    Bad habits you have

    I procrastinate a lot....I am stubborn and I don't get along well with most people cuz I make opinions about them before I even talk to them...I bite my inner lip a lot and I have a really bad habit of putting a line of sarcasm into everything I say...That makes me a'bad' kid..
  12. D

    Reason behind your username

    I luv Dawn from the anime...so basically I used it
  13. D

    What should you be doing right now?

    Studying for my test!!!
  14. D

    What are you currently thinking about?

    My Chemistry test tomorrow
  15. D

    What was the last form of transport you used?