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  • Nah, gonna keep it UT :]
    I could always RNG Abuse for one in the future, I like makin' random encounters UT to make 'em special.

    Did you check out the BCL (Bublagarden Champions Leage) Mid-Season Sign Up yet? You should totally join, if you do, I'll do my best to try to "buy" you (captains bid on players) so you can be apart of the Brsinger Trainers ^^;
    It's alright dude, got spares from somebody else :D
    Still got those Ash's Pikachu right? You said you wanted a Shiny Elekid and Turtwig for 'em :cool:

    Man, you should sign up for this tourney :-D
    w0w, you're gettin' the 3DS and a copy of B/W 0.0 Cool :D
    Do you know if there is any pre-order bonus? Hopefully I'll be able
    to preorder mine too on Amazon.

    I'm gettin' White, lil' bro is gettin' Black.

    Did you know that 'Pokemon: Best Wishes' is called 'Pokemon: Balck and White' in the U.S.? I thought they might do that. I also hope you get the Ash's Pikachu event at TRU :naughty:
    Me too! x3 This battle remided me of the latest PKMN SLV episode that aired ^_^ Paul/Shinji Beat Ash/Satoshi 3 times in a row (though, their 2nd math was a tie) and you beat me 3 times in a row, but I finally managed this time.

    You're one heck of an opponent =P
    I dunno why, but your avatar reminds me of MOTHER 3 somehow (chapter 5 to be exact).
    But as you're in the MOTHER fan club, it doesn't surprise me.
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