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    Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    No, according to the game's calendar, the only events I've know of in July are the Bug Off held on the 20th. Other than that the only other holiday in this month was some Japan exclusive holiday called Tanabata, which you need either access to a Japanese game.
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    Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    Shampoodle just opened up in my town. So... I decided to get a haircut from Harriet, and this was my result: You gotta have blue hair people. Now according to Thonky, I have to wait 14 days for me to get a contact lenses from her. Can't wait to get my character with blue eyes.
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    Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    If it's raining, try going to the ocean and catching a Coelacanth. That thing is worth a lot and it only shows up when it's raining/snowing in your town. It's pretty rare fish, just like in real life. I only managed to catch one and donated it to my Museum because I always donate the first thing...
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    "Pocket Monsters: XY" TV Anime Announced: October 17th

    I wonder which one of the starters is going to get the most screen time on Ash's crew. My money is the Froakie.
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    Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    This game has been my addiction for the past week. I don't think any game on my 3DS has gotten love since this game came out. Though I will say that I have been using the island more for those sweet beetles than actually going on the tours or visiting with other people. With that beetle farming...
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    What is your favourite generation, and why?

    Hmmm... this is a tough one since I like them all, but right now Gen IV, since it basically got me back into playing Pokémon again. I was a bit burned by Hoenn and how boring I found the land to be, but after playing Diamond I started to like the series again. However right now Gen V is my...
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    Will we ever have a mono-type trainer on the cast again?

    But Psyduck is pure water type. Though it was weird that Psyduck had access to Psychic moves. I often wondered if Psyduck was meant to be a Water/Psychic type earlier in development. I would only want a mono type trainer on the show if they show off the fact that just because a Pokémon is one...
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    Do we use the term "writers" too much?

    Animation is a collaborative medium, so the writing staff getting all the blame does seem a bit unfair. Who knows, maybe that mandate was because of the Director, or the Storyboard Artist/Team or an Executive Producer or maybe TVTokyo/The Network themselves. This does hold true for every other...
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    News New ending song to debut on the 5th January - "Seven-coloured Arch"

    It was a pretty cute ending. I just loved how spoiler packed it was. This is what I get for trailing behind my watching of BW. That and the lip synching for the other characters. Kind of felt like something I would hear near the tail end of a series rather than something that's obviously in the...
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    Anime you want remakes

    I basically want a remake of Kinnikuman Nisei or at least a continuation of the events that happened after the Chojin Olympics and maybe the change the ending they gave the anime to make it more true to the manga. Of course if you're following the manga in Japan, they would still have to tone...
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    RIP Bandai Entertainment (1998-2012)

    They're operating under Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Which allows them to stay afloat for a little while longer and continue working like nothing has happened. If it was Chapter 7, that's where they would have to try to sell and liquidate everything. But the news about Bandai going under sucks. I...
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    Easiest/Most Frustrating Gym Puzzle?

    Easiest for me is all of the Unova ones except for the final gym. Either these things are getting easier or I'm just used to solving puzzles. Frustrating for me was obviously Vermillion City. Screw that noise that makes finding the 2nd switch a pain. I think the longest I went with trying to...
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    VG Weekly Poll #21 Favourite Male Playable Character?

    Hilbert. I just love that jacket and hat of his. For some reason his design doesn't make me shake my head whenever I play as him.
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    An explanation to why no Gen I-IV Pokemon appear?

    I know this applies to the games and all, but I do remember reading an interview where they justified why you only encounter Unova mons for the duration of the game and it's mostly because Unova has a different eco-system than Kanto/Johto/Hoenn/Sinnoh, therefore they have their own breed of...
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    Pokemon Black & White CN Timeslot Change! it begins "again" **UPDATE**

    Re: Pokemon Black & White CN Timeslot Change! it begins "again" Hooray, now I don't have as many conflicting shows to watch at that hour anymore. Then again it's not like I wake up at that hour anyway. That and if CN wanted to kill Pokémon, don't you think they would have done it by now...