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  • Yeah, vB was a much better format in terms of usability and aesthetics. It's a shame about that whole "crippling severe security flaw " thing.
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    Yeah, it notifies you when someone comments on your messages, including those posted to other peoples' profiles.
    how's life going, man? university treating you well?
    Pretty well. This semester isn't going as well as last one since I've got a couple professors who struggle with communicating assignments properly, but I've got my head above water. Learning guitar, refining my screenwriting ability, learning to edit videos... I'm making good progress towards my goal of working in media. Hopefully next semester I'll be able to take more classes specific to animation.
    Yeah definitely. I rank Kanye way high, 808s is a bloody masterpiece.
    Cheers. Firmly in my hip hop holy trinity alongside 36 Chambers and Illmatic.
    Hi. About 2 weeks ago i sent message asking for help regarding blog i was thinking to make. I dont want to rush or anything but did you had time to read it yet?

    I tried contacting Karamazov, but he is too busy saying that i coud contact another mod in charge of blog section. So i thought maybe you could hep me clear my doubts and uncertainty about few things?

    Any help would be appreciated alot.
    I am currently progressing with my Normal-type reviews, and one component that I added is quotes from other people about Normal-type families. Do you have any particular Normal-type families you would want to do?

    Available: Bouffalant, Glameow line, Smeargle

    Sorry if this request seems abrupt.
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