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  • Warren Ellis? No, but I've heard it's good. I've just never been interested enough in Moon Knight as a character to check it out.
    would you mind donating the chespin and murkrow? I will definitely credit you when I do the giveaway.
    Sure thing! Just send me your fc and message me the next time you're on, mine is 2895-7461-3268
    It was just pointless, you know? The only purpose it served was to drive the Elongated Man down a moody, angsty path, and Ralph Dibny is simply not a character suited for that.
    The comic? Couple years ago. Wasn't that great. Dr. Light's character change was handled poorly and Sue Dibny's death was utterly unacceptable.
    Really fantastic album, it has the great wordplay coupled with nice, hard hitting beats. I'm not sure if I enjoy 36 Chambers or LS more, both really are top of their game.
    I've had a bit to try, but I tend to avoid it on principle. Beer, bourbon, and wine.
    Been Christian all my life, though I do tend to look critically at scripture and accepted doctrine, and I really don't like going to church. But yeah, I'm definitely in the "religious" column.

    Just me and my dad. He wants to take me drinking while we're there since I'm drinking age in the UK, but nah. Never been one for alcohol.
    In El Salvador? Wasn't a vacation really. It was a mission trip, though a good one. My church has a longstanding relationship with a church/school called Siloe in San Salvador, and we've done several trips there; this was my second. We had several things going on and four work groups based around music, sports, art, and construction. I did a bit of everything in addition to being a photographer. We helped pave a road in the colonia outside the gates where it often floods, and repainted around the church. I also gave a presentation on animals to several classes.

    My vacation trip starts on Friday. I'll be flying out about 6 pm direct to the United Kingdom (British Airways now does direct service from Austin). Gonna spend two days in London (and hang out with my girlfriend of course), then travel to Cardiff, Nottingham, York, Liverpool, Glasgow, then back to London.
    Well, not personally, but when it comes to Pokemon practically everyone is a family. I guess. But yeah.
    I can bring it up to the league :)

    (Also if you're looking at the team I was using in the E4 tourney it's sort of garbage, I was trying out some new stuff [AV Bisharp, bulky Krookodile, Shiftry) and I was generally dissapointed - so that won't be what I'll b using this season. Although, if you want, you can at least battle me anytime on Showdown, my Gym team or a normal one!)
    It would definitely be easier, not just to build teams and get HP types, tutor moves, and legends, but also to save and view replays - 10 battle vid limit :(. Plus we could use the chat to offer advice/answer questions mid battle. But we're trying to lure in casuals and Karenites with the whole on-cart thing and binding with/putting in effort to obtain your pokemon thing (plus the graphics are much prettier!)
    Not normally but we make exceptions on occasion (like when my 3DS broke I held matches on PS! for a while)
    I think the graphics thread I made should be opened, there is an obvious hike in texture improvement and what not. Its still XY's engine, but its much cleaner.
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