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  • How far along are you? Season two is really where it hit its stride, in my opinion. Shame it got cancelled right after.
    It's definitely different from most DC shows. It often feels like the best of the DCAU and Teen Titans combined. It's definitely a good show, though, and seeing Wally West, Jaime Reyes, Bart Allen, and M'gann M'orzz animated is definitely a treat.

    Not a fan of the show's Joker, though.
    Drafthouse has been expanding outside Texas. They've got one in Phoenix, I think, and one in Philly. And my cuddle person is across an ocean :(

    EDIT: I was way off the mark, haha. They have locations outside Texas, but not Philly or Phoenix. They've got franchises in Yonkers, Kalamazoo, Denver, Ashburn, Kansas City, and Winchester.
    Solid. What're you celebrating, if I can ask?

    And I'm seeing it at the Alamo Drafthouse, so I think I win :p
    Roger dodger. Just got one last test and then the curtain can close. Gonna see the new X-Men tonight to celebrate. I've heard good things about it, especially with regards to Quicksilver.
    It is because I'm able to, sir. Though, the new update does make liking posts harder.

    Plus, people like old posts all the time.
    Already got most of it done. Got two more assignments to do before studying time for the three or four classes I actually have finals in.
    Hey! I've been pretty good! Just kinda hanging around. Working for a bit while I figured out what I want to do with school. Working on my website, getting back into roleplaying a bit. Just the usual stuff. How have you been? I haven't seen you on here forever and the other day noticed you had come back as a mod. Congrats on that, by the way!
    How was he? Don't have high hopes for my favorites in the New 52, especially after Wally West made his debut as a corpse.

    It is pretty funny. It from Lil' Gotham?
    Reread 52 the other day; Booster's great in it. And yeah, Jason Todd is cool (Dick Grayson's better tho).
    I like to befriend the moderators, because I feel that it shows my respect towards them. And I respect the staff on forums.
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