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  • Hey, this is probably a silly question with a simple answer, but I was looking through your trade thread and noticed you have Chikorita and Totodile in Nest/Dive Balls respectively? How did you get them in anything other than default pokeballs? :sweatlol:
    Awesome! Misdreavus was always a pain to track down... :-/

    Dusk Balls are great - I mostly play at night so about half of my pokemon on X are in Dusk Balls. :XD:
    Thanks! I don't think I need a nickname for her (or rather, I couldn't think of a good nickname for Misdreavus that I haven't already used for something else). I can't decide if I'll want to evolve her or not lol I've always liked Misdreavus just a little bit more than Mismagius.

    Yeah I had a little panic attack last night when you sent your trade request lol I didn't think you'd be ready yet and I had to grab my phone and look up real quick which Eevee you'd reserved. XP
    Oh, thanks! Um... I think Sucker Punch would be better. I've always felt like Destiny Bond should have speed priority but it doesn't. :XD:
    No problem at all. I have it updated already; I was typing the names in the update script as the trades went through and had to only click a button once to get all of them marked on the page :p I'll be busy working with these for a while but it probably won't come as a surprise that I'm completely okay with more trades in the future :D
    Thank you so much! I think I haven't ever traded that many Pokémon in one sitting before; and your connection wasn't bad at all with only cutting off once :p Hopefully at least something I traded to you is of any use.
    Okay, I've got four boxes waiting now. Instead of just going to get trash from a route directly or from WT, most of it is batches of 3+ IV breedlings of a few species (I marked them all; I think there was even one 6IV but no idea what nature it was). Thus I'm ready to trade whenever we can meet online :p
    No problem at all :p Oh, three boxes already? I guess I'll have to go catch/breed some of my own after all then, doesn't seem like I'll be able to fill that all with naturally piling up extras very quickly at the current rate; I'll let you know once I've done that.
    it's a parody of sorts but there are a lot of in jokes and what not that makes it more enjoyable than rematching the actual series again imo.
    I actually just finished asking the last couple of days have been nuts.

    that's actually why I changed in the first place I was taking them as electives, having more fun and acing them with no real effort so I figured that it was just a better fit for me.

    also I'm going to go and catch a few female pokemon in SS do you need anything in a particular ball?
    (2/2) No need to hurry with the batch, really, I'm a bit short of fodder right now as I've been sending stuff into my work-in-progress living dex in the Bank. More will accumulate naturally so I don't feel like wasting Balls in the tall grass, plus fully evolved foreigners that are represented in the living dex already will likely be more useful than random Honedge and Espurr anyway :p

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    Oh, bug off :p
    (1/2) Yeah, my desire to work with the foreign dexes should've been a bit of a giveaway about a slight OCD :D I'd cite Bulbapedia for those levels but I'm not sure if it's really accurate at this point – the card I have looks more like black than silver to me for starters. I just checked and the TMs I haven't bought yet cost about 260 BP in total so I won't be having them any time soon :p Luck didn't really get me even once yet, but I've heard the game begins to cheat later on quite clearly :p Mm, asking from others must be an effective way to gather the items from others. When the trade section was still new, I had a rather active shop myself, twice (huh, those header images are still online...), and I can remember the pain of handling all the work involved; don't overdo it, just keep up the good work :p

    I agree that the Gen V plot was better. Well, I never played B2W2 in English, but can agree for BW anyway. XY was just rainbows and friendship and just a slight conflict with Team Flare mixed in between, though the ending scene at Lumiose was pulled out well enough. As for graphics in the earlier games, I don't know, I haven't had too much problems to adapt again for the short time spent catching stuff to transfer at least. Even Gen IV doesn't feel odd with its stationary battle sprites and stuff. And I couldn't sell a game I own at least :p I was convinced years ago to give my Red and Yellow along with my GBC away to the younger kids of a friend family and I've grown to regret that. (Gen IV and V games would probably sell well here even today, though; I've seen used ones in game stores for not too much less than what X and Y go for :s)
    Yeah, I noticed they didn't spend too long to get it released over there in the end, which is good :p I wouldn't really care about Maison at all (or any other battle facilities in the past for that matter) but they tend to always lock up at least one trainer card star/level in there, thus technically blocking me from really finishing the game. I've got the 20-streak versions of everything except Rotation done, but my only Super Singles attempt so far ended in something like 10 battles, far away from the 50th battle required for the card level. And then there are the items as well; I still have some TMs locked up there waiting to be bought, and with foreign collecting, I do need quite a few of those evolution items they are selling. (Not as much with the advent of the Balloon Popping game at the PGL, but mainly because I end up with excess items of other types like Upgrades when I play to get Shiny Stones... such a stupid Berry-favoring mess of RNG.)

    Heh, I see. The last time I've restarted a Pokémon game was either Sapphire or the TCG game, can't remember which. I don't generally really feel like doing it anymore after I've filled the dex, it'd be a shame to start over, but I can understand with XY since its post-E4 content really is minimal. I've noticed how suddenly a lot more people have begun caring about the balls their Pokémon are in; to me it doesn't really matter :D I think I caught my Mewtwo in the second or third Dusk Ball; it was quite an anticlimactic capture really.

    For the foreign entries, this page is the best resource since I always keep it up to date; just select the French dex from the bottom and pick whatever first stages show as grayed out. If it refuses to load, like it likes to do sometimes, just try again a bit later.
    Your namesake, my bad influence, all of the above? :p And it's funny we curse it, and it made a surprise appearance today. But thanks to that, I transferred everything from my Black. (I had so many fakkin pokemon it took ages ;_; )And I can restart X maybe by Friday. And I think the collector's addition included AR cards or something of the like, but yeah I generally don't find them worth the money since I don't listen to soundtracks much at all myself.

    I have no soul sometimes, in fact it likes taking vacations. :p But really unless the person is a friend I just stare at their names and wonder "who da fuq is this" and if I can't figure out who, I just remove them. xD;

    It's careful...which isn't terrible really. x) And that's not too bad, Pancham is a nice shade of brown imo but the difference isn't that great huh? xD Pfff your as nice as me! I tell my dog x ones are cuter than her all the time, but she just stares at me with her big bug eyes and cuddles up against me. xD
    Yup, I'm in Finland; the Bank was released around the time of our conversation yesterday, and I somehow missed Bulbagarden breaking the news before my last message :p It's unfortunate they didn't go for a global release (and rather surprising to leave the Americas as the last) but I think it shouldn't be too long now. I don't really battle against other people, so I haven't bothered to learn even the more controlled IV breeding in Gen VI. Of course, I could do that to try to succeed in the Maison, but I'm all thumbs in anything not involving just spamming >80 base power basic moves so it won't be of much help :p Or it could be that not battling others is a result of the latter, who knows :p And yeah, I generally win at least the 2 numbers prize whenever I remember to go check; my best has been 4 numbers, so no extra Master Balls yet. (Not like I needed any anyway, haven't used one since RNGing the shiny Regis in Pt. I booted it to catch some Unown to bring forward yesterday and it seems I somehow have 8 more in that game :D)
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