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Recent content by DeliveryExpert

  1. D

    Clever Pokémon Nicknames

    I've got a Dream World Staraptor with Reckless, and since it knows Brave Bird and Double-Edge I've nicknamed it Masochist. That bird just loves self-harm.
  2. D

    Moves you think a Pokemon should have.

    I think X-scissor is usually reserved for pokemon with two blades, so it kind of makes sense Farfetch'd doesn't learn it. EDIT: darn you SharKing
  3. D

    Moves you think a Pokemon should have.

    Why doesn't Beartic learn Ice Fang? It's supposed to be able to make fangs from ice! THIS IS STUPID
  4. D

    Your first shiny. How? when? where?

    I may have encountered one in Gold, but I can't recall what it was. The earliest shiny I can remember was a geodude (nickname: Goldude) on a LeafGreen ROM. But my earliest legitimate one was a Kakuna on SoulSilver, which I traded to someone on this very forum. EDIT: According to my private...
  5. D

    Why Giratina with legs is better than Giratina without legs.

    Ignoring the leg problem, I've always liked Origin forme's head better. The way the crest splits at the front to reveal it's mouth is a interesting design. And like others said, it seems Giratina only needs to walk when outside the Distortion World, where gravity is normal, so it does make...
  6. D

    Clever Pokémon Nicknames

    Continuing the One Piece theme from my last comment, I've nicknamed my Purrloin Nami. This pokemon fits her title quite well. I also named my Sandile Crocodile, though it seems really obvious. If only there were two more characters, I would have named it SirCrocodile. I've nicknamed my...
  7. D

    Clever Pokémon Nicknames

    Anyone who has read/watched One Piece could understand why I named my Blaziken Sanji. And Australians would understand why I called my Kangaskahn Skippy. I also like using the nickname Florapod for Chikorita/Bayleef/Meganium. It combines flora and Sauropod (those long necked dinosaurs).
  8. D

    Pokemon you always wanted to use but never could.

    Funnily enough, I've used about half of the pokemon mentioned in this thread at least once. For me, its most of the early trade evolving pokemon, simply because I've only really traded recently. So ones like Alakazam, Machamp, Politoed, Steelix and Kingdra. Any of these would be a good...
  9. D

    Australia to gets in-store Victini event: EB Games and Toys "R" Us to distribute ...

    Re: Australia to gets in-store Victini event: EB Games and Toys "R" Us to distribute So does this Victini have V-Generate, or is that a different event?
  10. D

    The Official BGMf Claim-a-Move Thread!

    2/12/2011 - DeliveryExpert - Flash Cannon
  11. D

    The official Bulbagarden forums claim a Pokemon thread!

    I, DeliveryExpert, on the 6th of December, 2010, would like to claim Honchkrow as my own, if that is alright. Honchkrow--DeliveryExpert--6/12/2010 However, I do envy Stuntology significantly.
  12. D

    Best Dark pokemon

    Honchkrow. Cool mafia bird. Great fedora
  13. D

    Mawile and other oddities

    I had a theory that Lucario is supposed to be a great all-round fighter, with a high number of type effectives and resistances. This could explain the steel type.
  14. D

    A "Wow, I should have figured that out a lot sooner" thread

    Back when I was playing my first pokemon game (Red), it took me a while to figure out I could save the game. I just kept turning it off and playing from the beginning a few times
  15. D

    First post, wonderful.

    And Again