• Magnificent Entertainer barges into the Pastoria Gym, intent on getting his fifth Badge. Watch here as he chases some Team Galactic dingbat and yells at the police again.
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  • Yes that is correct. Startups and signups are in the same sub forum.

    However, I'm no longer in charge of the section. Octy is the new RP head (and the main architect of these changes). I have no problem answering any queries you might have but she is better equipped to answer.
    I finally got the manga!! ...But I was too excited to notice the lack of plastic wrap on it. Some loser stole the Numbers card....
    what's your opinion on Plasma Gale and which deck do you think you'd use?
    I would probably mix Lugia Ex with Blastoise from Boundaries Crossed
    Yeah, I know which part you're talking about! That's actually one of my favorite scenes in BBT Abridged. XD
    I actually like Abridged Yusei more than canon anime Yusei, LOL.
    I like that too. I also like how Yuma never gives up even though it seems like he'll lose. It's inspirational.
    Drat, I gotta go to bed, now.
    LOL, yeah, I wasn't a big fan of Yusei, to be honest. He came across as both too moody and too perfect to me. XD
    The nice thing about Judai's backstory in the manga is that he doesn't become like Yusei in that regard, but his backstory is still important in the plot. It's a nice difference. ^^
    Those rule books are much too confusing:sweatlol:. I plan on it someday, though. Maybe I'll even get to be as good as Yuma started out if I practice hard enough:sweatlol:.
    I'll have to borrow the first volume from my sister, then. XD
    The GX manga is pretty good, from what I've read up to volume 5. Judai has an interesting backstory in there.
    Season 4 is cool, so it's definitely worth finishing. It's a shame they don't release English subbed DVDs, though. It'd be great to have all the series available like that.
    I'm not observant enough, or knowledgeable enough about the game to catch most of those.
    You're torturing me:bawl:. Must-have-it-NOW:evil:!
    I always get annoyed when I catch animation mistakes in Zexal. Why can't they color Astral's eyes right?
    GX was the first one I got really into, and Judai is a great main character. My favorite in GX was Edo, though. ^^
    I've heard good things about the Zexal manga, so I really need to read through that at some point. It looks like it has some pretty cool characters.
    Oh, Crystal Beasts? My sister had a deck of that once, and it was pretty good. XD Well, hope that works out well for you!
    Wicked! I've only read the first:bawl:. Hopefully I'll get the second one eventually. I need to know how awesome it is:boom:. Make that sig, Bro:sweatlol:.
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