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  • Thank you \>o</
    I was also playing Black! I was in N's Castle last night ^^ I still have to catch Reshiram so I can progress the story :x
    Well, you are nice :-D
    Yeah, I'm talking about the vocabulary words.
    Even with the words that I know, I still didn't recognize the words you used. I used context clues to get "ostensibly", but I didn't know what "amiableness" meant.
    Bmgf doesn't give out those kinds of awards either, at least I don't think so o_O
    Where are you getting these words from? T_T All I know... it's not enough :(
    Aww, that's sweet of them \>o</ Are you going to get the "most kindhearted user award"? :p
    I also met some friendly people when I was there \>o</
    I had to look up "amiableness", because I never heard of it before xD
    What would you judge them on community? Bmgf has a nicer community, and more friendly people with a staff that actually cares.
    Serebii website is faster? Maybe they have more servers, or something...
    Bmgf is better than Serebii, right? I was once on that forum, but under a completely different name.
    Bmgf is better \>o</ We have a shiny, polished forum xD
    Thank you for the link! :-D I've heard of the forums before, and I've lurked there a couple of times (usually google brings me there :p). Are you a member of that forum? I'm not, and I probably won't join, either. I've joined other forums before, but I end up abandoning them soon after :c
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