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  • Hey, I like the picture of Shadow!!! I LOOVE Shadow, too! You a Sonic games fan?
    I haven't read it yet, but when I do--- I'll tell you what I think of it! I'm sure I'll like it!!!:crush:
    Merry Christmas!!!! I'll hug you too---:awww:!!!! I hope you had a good one! I, for one, am happy because my sister got the Black & White manga(all four volumes) for Christmas!!! Now I get to read it and see N!!!:crush:
    No problem ^^
    I used to watch DBZ, but I don't watch it anymore. Bleach is better xD
    Eh, I don't have a preference either way. I don't hate DBZ, but I also don't like it.
    To be honest, it's really not that bad. The hardest part is all the jargon, seriously. For Entralink RNG, all you do is this:

    *Make sure you have one DW Pokemon in the forest.
    *Save in a city, outside, with no weather. Bring up the DS main menu.
    *Enter MAC address into the RNG and look for seeds.
    *Select desired frame.
    *Make note of the delay and target seconds, input that into the Eon Timer.
    *Change DS clock to the given time and date.
    *Release the confirm button at the same time as the Eon Timer.
    *Click on the game and wait at the menu before you enter the game.
    *As soon as the first timer ends, SR on that menu.
    *Enter the game and turn-on the C-Gear before you get in.
    *Click Entralink and wait until the second timer ends.
    *Once it ends, click A and warp to Entralink.
    *Advance frame if needed.
    *Capture Pokemon and check IV's.
    *Use the IV function in the RNG Reporter to find out how much you were off.
    *Adjust as necessary.

    Of course, you need all that jargon, but that's the gist of it. Not difficult at all. I just lack an accurate way to check IV's. I want an AR ;_;
    Has the RNG worked out, yet? :D
    I'm having trouble, because I do not have an accurate way to check IV's of lower-leveled Pokemon T_T

    Ah, thanks! So he appears at around Nimbasa, huh? Yeah, I can't wait to see him in the manga...! He should appear in the anime too, though!! There's never enough N!
    Hey, do you happen to have the Pokemon Black and White manga? See, I don't have it, but I was wondering WHEN exactly N appeared... Do you know?
    Yes, that's correct. The only reason to Entralink RNG is for getting flawless/near flawless DW Pokemon in Dream Balls. However, if you have a standard DS (Phat or Lite), then you can do standard RNG. This type of RNG cannot be performed on a DSi/XL/3DS. Leave it to TrollFreak and/or Trolltendo to do this. I'm sure it has something to do with the difference between the DSi and up and the Lite and Phat. If you use C-Gear RNG, then you can't RNG for shinnies, nature, and IV's. You can do so with standard RNG, though.

    So you're a fellow RNG'er?
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