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  • Okay, in case you actually care, since you last edited the post in your stats with your money, I find you having gotten $102,500. This includes whatever I could find by doing a search for "Derian" in the URPG section of BMG, looking only for battling and reffing payments. It also includes about two logs on pe2k. It does NOT include the FFA that has a BMG time 59 minutes after proboards' time for your last edit, because I'm figuring there's a time zone difference and that's causing it to display an hour apart. I think it was only FFAs, that battle I reffed for you today, and one ref wages (which I'm not sure if you're supposed to post to claim because it's from June or something).

    USE THIS MONEY TO GET SOME ICE TYPES FROM GEN 6, OR JUST USE IT TO GIFT STUFF TO PEOPLE. Even if you don't think you'll really URPG much, you should add your money and if you want you can just use it to gift people stuff. OR YOU COULD TRY AND RECOMPLETE YOUR ICE TYPE COLLECTION WHEN XY COMES OUT!
    Alright since you generally seem to be invisible on AIM, and cause I'm not in the urpg chat I have no earthly idea when you're actually on or not I'm going to send this VM. You know what its about.
    Yeah lol, but you coulda checked earlier. I got class today and going out of town for my brother's birthday tomorrow. Is Monday cool?
    Let me know when you want to battle. I'm down this weekend if you're still active or whatever.
    Woot Beat Starmie with evasion hax :) Pikachu ended up at level 21, heads and shoulders above the rest of the team. But then some next ***** on route 24 (i think) karate chopped spearow with crit and KO'd it :( Caught an Oddish and a Caterpie (now a butterfree)
    Lol, yeah the ratatta were annoying. I havent been playing much coz ive been busy with H/W and stuff, but im training for Cerulean Gym, and i dont wanna come in unprepared because of that evil starmie
    I realised that a bit late :). I usually catch a mankey on Route 22, but i found another FREAKING RATATTA. ended up spamming Metal claw to win.
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