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  • sorry your going to have to wait longer like 10-15 minutes. my Parents need to have a meeting about this week.
    Sorry that I have not been on, my internet was down and no way for me to contact or get online with my 3DS. Hopefully we can do it by the 23th because I leave on the 24th and won't be back until the 28th.
    although I also have a moon ball gastly, and heart ball ralts but not sure if I could breed one with HA. If you want ralts with HA I could try to breed one that's in a heart ball.
    WOW you really have that much on you, well I'am going to need something that's a far trade. What do you want anyway, a Pokemon with really good IV's or another Pokemon from dream world that can't be found from X or Y.
    Well I too like the Squirtle but that's been taken and same with the wild Item. Although Buneary will do just fine. but becuase jay has the HA pokemon, Anorith with swift swim will do. (what I mean is you can breed one for me.)
    I'an afraid that I don't have a Anorith or Armaldo wit swift swim. but I'am very interested in you Pokemon so I'll do what I can to find one for you.
    Thanks for the Ditto. I wasn't expecting it to be shiny. As soon as I get that Zubat with Giga Drain, I'll send it up to X and get it over you.
    is Scyther to your liking?

    ty so much for the safety goggles and that Pawniard :D
    sounds good ^^

    k, I'll add you right now and we can trade in a little bit if you like. just let me know. :)
    I'm actually quite interested in your 5 IV eggmove Pawniard...I haven't gotten around to breeding one yet...do you have a male one by chance? :)

    that and safety goggles would be fine ^^
    What I have is 5 IV flawless jolly tech sport ball females with egg moves: Night Slash, Quick Guard, Defog, and Steel Wing...

    lol, all my shinies and legends do is rott in bank anyway...so I'm good with those atm. x)

    I'd actually be interested in Safety Goggles for 48 BP....what do you have for 4 IV egg move male leftover pokes?
    hi, yes I read your pm.

    unfortunately, I'm bombarded with so many male leftover pokes that it is all I'm offering at this time...the reason why I'm letting them go for a small 32 BP each. :S

    I do have a couple female ones on hand but I would like something fair in return for one of them...I had no intention of breeding anymore of them anytime soon...been breeding pokes non stop for 6 months straight. x)
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