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  • By the way, love your avatar. Reminds me of Garfield and Odie. Rockruff being a hyperactive Odie, and Litten being a version of Garfield who says "Just what the hell are you doing?"
    Do you feel that there are other cartoons that got better movies than Pokemon?
    Yeah imo, the PKMN movies stop being good after the Jirachi movie. Other animes like One Piece have far better movies
    Ryu Taylor
    Ryu Taylor
    I see. I might have to see a few of those.

    How about Western cartoons? Personally, I'm fond of the DuckTales movie.
    Oh yeah I love Western movies and animation in general . Charlie Brown movies are great usually.
    I liked it overall. The battles are fine (it seems that some strategy is needed for the boss battles), and the world feels alive and vibrant.

    What the series lacks is appealing yokai designs and a sense of actual mystery. But the focus is on having fun and truly feeling like a kid.
    I have plans for that. As for those Pokemon movie reviews, they've gone up to movie 4 (in fact, JewWario's cameo in the review of the fourth film was one of the last videos he was in before he died; there's a disclaimer on the video about it). On his own, Suede reviewed the first two Pikachu shorts and "Holiday Hi-Jynx."
    Probably a unique Greninja form that is tied to Kalos' past. If it is carried over to the games, I think it will have a different name.
    Sorry for misinterpreting you; I'm a bit sensitive to snark. And I admit that I did use you as an example, but that's because I don't really know you and it's true that your blog represents the consensus.

    I think that I have more faith in Game Freak breaking patterns since I happen to have predicted sequels for Black and White. Back in 2011 hardly anyone thought I might be right.
    I actually find it a bit rude for you to take issue with something I didn't address to you. I didn't challenge your opinion for a reason.

    New games aren't supposed to be hinted at so heavily. If TPC were gearing up a Z announcement, why would they spoil any kind of surprise by using the title in other media? Even Platinum was at least an unexpected title, and ever since then no game announcement has been obvious (at least insofar as we didn't know what the release schedule was going to be).

    I think that this post and my last VMs explain my position pretty well.
    I always see it at the top of search lists when I'm looking for Pokémon info. I thought why not and joined, so far I like it, and thanks :)
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