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  • It is a bit hard to move on the group without the other role players, so I'm gonna wait until tomorrow to have them move further in the lab. If they don't post by then, you might have to work your GM magic to progress the story.
    She's not dead, no. Desoloth's still a bit weak from his bindings in the cell, so at the moment the scientist is just unconscious.
    No problem at all! I wasn't insulted at all. Thanks for apologizing though!
    I think my post did come across as though I was stating the AU theory as fact. My bad :/
    But with the AU theory it is possible AZ invented Fairy types in one AU.

    I'll give the thread a further read just to make sure I haven't missed something important out, it's a fabulous theory anyway :p
    Alright, but she was sick when she got on board and besides, you didn't tell me about stones until now. So I sort of had to improvise...
    Just letting you know - considering how undisturbed you've gone in your plan, if you release something really - but not extremely - powerful, it'll be totally okay. xD
    Oh, I meant to tell you this earlier - it's implied that you gave an explanation for your abilities. Just a bare-bones one.
    Fine by me, so long as the energy he dishes out will be equivalent to the energy that gets drained from him.
    What did you have planned for Aaron at the start? Innocent bystander? Maybe a student in labs that happen to be owned by Null?
    Yeah sort of, I just haven't used bird Pokemon in a while, so I'm not too familiar with their moves (thanks a lot, Sigilyph -_-)
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