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Recent content by Destructive Idiot

  1. Destructive Idiot

    What Pokemon ability would best fit you?

    Super Luck. I'd like it to be Protean, though.
  2. Destructive Idiot

    Contest Gliscor vs Weavile!

    Weavile, for the simple reason that it's better-looking than Gliscor.
  3. Destructive Idiot

    Make Assumptions About the Person BELOW you

    No. V is jealous and does not have shoulders.
  4. Destructive Idiot

    What is your signature pokemon/pokemon team?

    My Platinum team was Infernape, Staraptor, and Espeon. I threw in Giratina and a mix of Gardevoir, Machamp, Lucario, and Togekiss. I try to imitate characters' teams, too (for example, in FireRed, Charizard, Pikachu, Snorlax, Lapras, and Aerodactyl, with the Eevee I received in the game traded...
  5. Destructive Idiot

    If You Were a Pokemon...

    Arceus is an obvious answer. Aside from Arceus, Charizard (especially if I was shiny) maybe Mewtwo Feraligatr, since it can Surf and is 7'07" Lugia's even bigger and capable of Surfing AND Flying, although if I was one I would probably have to live away from civilization to avoid causing mass...
  6. Destructive Idiot

    Sign Ups The Gijinka Project

    Reserved, I guess, although the original idea was that there would only be one of each Legendary/Mythical Gijinka and reservations would be for them; whoever wanted to could join and make non-Legendary Gijinka of the same species. Glad to have you on board, though.
  7. Destructive Idiot

    Spoilers Gen8 fossil discussion thread

    I think the real reason I'm annoyed by the new Fossil Pokémon is because, while they are creative, the designers tried to give a hilarious travesty of an explanation of how they lived in the ancient past, and it feels like they deliberately chose the lazy route by using the same 4 incomplete...
  8. Destructive Idiot

    Spoilers Gen8 fossil discussion thread

    They're all a horrible idea, especially Dracovish, but they're not the only reason I'm not getting a Switch. I guess the Fossils' Pokédex entries are funny, but it makes me wonder what the Pokémon used in those chimeras looked like originally. We'll probably never know. Also, it convinced me...
  9. Destructive Idiot

    Sign Ups The Gijinka Project

    I gave up on this RP when it didn't get much support for almost a month, but I'm interested in starting it if it gets about 4 or 5 people besides me. I would love to have you both participate in it, even if it is way after when I initially planned to start it. Also, I'm considering making more...
  10. Destructive Idiot

    Your favorite Elite Four member?

    Kanto: Blue (Lorelei for E4) Johto: Will Hoenn: Steven (Drake for E4) Sinnoh: Cynthia (Lucian for E4) Unova: Iris (Caitlin for E4) Kalos: Drasna Alola: Tie between Molayne and Acerola
  11. Destructive Idiot

    What Is Your Least Favorite Shiny Pokemon?

    Probably shiny non-Primal Groudon atm I also don't like shiny Blastoise, Vaporeon, Swampert, or Kyogre
  12. Destructive Idiot

    Have you ever had a female starter?

    My Pikachu from Pokémon Yellow turned out to be female when I traded it over to Gold.
  13. Destructive Idiot

    Sign Ups The Gijinka Project

    Of course.
  14. Destructive Idiot

    Sign Ups The Gijinka Project

    The Gijinka Project Rules: Intro: Gijinka Sign Ups: Civilian Sign Ups: Project Researcher Sign Ups / Mercenary Sign Ups: There are 3 different nations secretly operating against each other: Tohjo, Unova, and Kalos. Hoenn and Sinnoh will gradually become involved in these matters...
  15. Destructive Idiot

    Trading Competitive Kyogre for

    FC: 3841-1122-0767 Stats: Modest Level 100 384 HP 212 Attack 214 Defense 438 Special Attack 310 Special Defense 237 Speed IVs: 31 HP 31 Attack 29 Defense 31 Special Attack 25 Special Defense 31 Speed EVs: 174 HP 252 Special Attack 84 Speed Trading for: Timid Shiny Charizard with 5 Perfect...