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  • Oh yeah, I don't know if you'll have the time nowadays but I did get Platinum about a month and a half ago. I figured out how to make poffins :D
    Also imported my firered team.
    Looks like you're staying busy, though. Good luck!
    I saw a figurine at my book store of her the other day I actually might go get it this weekend!
    Yeah, I've got a nice garden going on in the front lawn right now. I'm still experimenting with different plants to see what kinds work and what kinds don't work.

    Haha, that old guy sounds creepy. Funny thing though, at the gym I go to, there's this old guy who's constantly on the treadmill going at the speed of molasses. Every time I walk in, he always gives me the "stink eye". However, every time any sort of female walks in, he ALWAYS chats them up. He never fails to do so. Most people who go there think he's creepy.

    So yeah, maybe CAUTIOUS optimism is best, huh?
    East coast weather is unpredictable to say the least; driving around today, I had to keep my air conditioner on because it was still rather warm outside. It keeps my plants thriving, though.

    Funny though, when you ask a lot of people what they would do if they were rich, most of them don't know what to do. I'm among them; I think I'd be speechless for like a week if I had so much money.

    America IS the land of opportunity, you're right about that. Shoot, the lottery proves that. ...though, that is against rather unsurmountable odds.
    But hey, my pessimism's showing again, so I'll shutup now.
    First I gotta say: Region Master is spot on about the east coast weather. I live on the east coast of Georgia and the weather is COMPLETELY unpredictable.

    You're right though, if I really wanted to do student exchange, I could. Or I could do the whole host family program thing (the exact name escapes me). Or I could just shack up with relatives. The possibilities are ENDLESS, but my wallet isn't. =(

    If I had photoshop and was good at it, I'd attempt Dark Helmet Meowth. Or Dark Helmeowth. Or Meowth Helmet. How many times have I said "or" now?
    Right now, it is sunny and freezing cold! =] But the weather is very spontaneous. One day its 88F the next day its 49F! But we get used to it.
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