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  • You changed your username :p

    How you been? And your sister as well? I'm assuming she's healed now.
    Detective Calvin
    Right. My mom told me stories about how these things go from when she worked at Wal-Mart.
    Oh good then you already know what to expect.
    Detective Calvin
    Yeah, we often play out possible customer service scenarios to prepare me, because my threshold for stupidity used to easily give way to the desire to blast someone so full of rock salt that they crap margaritas.
    Accents just form in certain parts. And they're nothing more than how things are said. For example: In the south a common occurrence is that words like pin and pen sound the same to them. And when they say it it comes out as pin pin. Or in some cases they stretch the words to pien. And basically combine them. With the brooklyn accent I saw coffee more like cawfee. Or Dog more like dawg. Someone from boston might say cah instead of car. And accents are constantly changing. I just took a history of english language class. So accents came up a bit in it. But language does not make up an accent.

    And accents are constantly changing too.
    No one can truly understand an accent unless it's their accent. Why do you think the accents on TV and movies are so bad?
    I caught it right away. However please never call it brooklynese again. It's a Brooklyn accent :p

    Ese is used for Asian languages.
    Well that's to be expected. I can't wait till my niece is that age...yet at the same time I can because I'll be old then.
    Tired. Finals week. Though once I manage to get myself to do them, I'll be good since all I'll have to worry about is work. You?
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