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  • Let me know when you can trade :eek: my fc is 2723-9410-4398
    White Crow
    White Crow
    gaw.. I was away :/ in any case, added you and nicknamed the swirlix! I'll be around today from during the afternoon. I hope to catch you around!
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    thanks ill be around in 12 hours after work
    hey back from work, so just leave a message when youre free. can you infect it with poke virus as well please, i dot have any infected on my Omega.You don't also happen to have an extra Lucarionite do you?
    Hey Duece? I was just stopping by because I never got the chance to say thanks for answering my random questions & advising me on my movesets. So..... thanks!! I hope all is going well for you, with and without pokemon. :)
    Hey Deuce? Do you know why the traders in Anville Town disappear like every week? I saw them one Saturday in April (the 1st time I went to Anville Town) and left the town to get the required items. The next week I returned to trade, but I never saw them again for the whole weekend. Then, 2 weeks ago I saw all the traders again. I once again flew away to get more items and came back the next week to see the traders missing again. I don't mess with my Dsi's time, and I've never never hacked any of my DSi games. Help??
    Dang, when you VM'd me I was at school sorry buddy. VM when your on hopefully we don't miss each other again.
    Ohhhhh ok, I got it. Yeah, that seems like a good moveset. I was actually thinking of teaching Munna Charge Beam a few weeks ago. Another Munna on the Battle Subway had used it on me. Thanks!
    Hey I saw your old shop and saw these pokemon that I would like:
    10 ANIV pikachu, brave 14/24/26/19/24/4
    10 ANIV dragonite, serious 25/20/17/17/18/17
    10 ANIV charizard, sassy 25/1/6/30/19/25
    MYSTRY mew, hardy 9/24/7/29/21/19
    TCGWC pikachu, hardy 15/26/15/1/9/5
    WORLD08 lucario, adamant 3/9/21/13/3/3

    I can offer event pokemon from my shop in return.
    Here's the link for it:

    Please reply a VM back to me.
    ~ Thanks.
    Yeah, I understand! I should've remembered that Dream Eater is also a healing move lol. But one question: where does Nightmare come into the picture? Unlike Dream Eater, it takes away ¼ off the foe's HP (regardless of the foe's type). Is it just as good as Dream Eater, or is it unnecessary?
    Hey Deuce, I have another moveset question. My Munna is at lv 29. After it learns Future Sight (lv 31), I'm gonna evolve it into Musharna. Which do you think is a better moveset:
    1. Yawn, Psybeam/Psychic, Moonlight, Nightmare (mixed strategy)
    2. Yawn, Future Sight, Moonlight, Nightmare (multi-turn)
    3. Yawn, Psybeam/Psychic, Moonlight, Dream Eater (mixed)
    4. Yawn, Future Sight, Moonlight, Dream Eater (mixed)
    5. Yawn, Moonlight, Dream Eater, Nightmare (sleep-based)
    6. Yawn, Dream Eater, Future Sight, Psybeam/Psychic (offensive/STAB)
    Every now and then, it gets like that. >.< Usually reconnecting solves it but for some reason, it hasn't been as of late.
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