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  • Oh, I'm not concerned about that one anymore. I read about 3 others and almost all made me cry.. *WWAAAAHHH!!!* Now you have another person who cried over "Childhood Memories". (Exept for "Could this be Love", I kind of spit up a little when I read that one) But no, I'm really not bothered by them, but like I said before, I didn't really like to read about the "extremes" of ContestShipping.
    *Thinks* asfor now there is more pokeshipping then contestshipping. May hasn't really seen Drew yet until later on. other shippings there would be are


    Look i know how you feel. contestshipping does get on my neves at times. but its only a fafic. i made this fic for people that can take Contest, Poke and Advance
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