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  • You could say that.

    Eh, web browsings for the most part, boredom and that post with Gastly.

    (Oh, it's fine, if I want someone who I can expect to always respond quickly, I look in the mirror. hahah)
    Good to hear, and ah, yes, timezones, I'm doing fine, things are nice and calm.
    Likeohmigosh I've never heard you use that phrase before! But no worries bud, I got chu! <3

    But how have you been? I've been working with my dad all last week and helping him with minor things at his garage, and street sweeping at night. It was definitely a nice distraction for me. I also picked up some fabrics so I'm going to make some plushies, and shiny hunted in ORAS. So I guess I was a bit of a busybody last week. xD

    Oddly enough bittersweet is one of my favorite words, but life can definitely feel like that. And now I feel great, I'm not as depressed as I was before. I can say with confidence I'm picking up what was shattered. :p

    Sounds like you better off than me thus far. xD All last week the heat's made me irritable, and it's not even summer officially.

    Definitely noted! :)
    That's good. xD Maybe the change of the seasons got to you? Because I know I tend to get sick around this time of year myself. I get hay fever, and I'm more susceptible to nosebleeds because of the heat and such. :T

    Very. :p Though I personally find slot machines calming aha. I think because their chimes are cheerful and upbeat that it keeps me happy.

    Now what kind of dishes have you cooked before? Since we're talking about cooking and all I was wondering if there was anything fun/exotic that you've cooked up.
    I'm sorry to hear it! I hope you've been resting lots bud. You need the sleep if you're still ill.

    .... Ahahahaha. It actually is quite charming I like it a lot. <3

    Got it. ^^

    Now random question, what do you do to get over someone you like?
    Strawberry Shortcake is one of the best cakes! But then again anything with strawberries I'm a sucker for since they're my favorite fruit. And yep my mom's 42, and my dad's 48, they had me young aha. Most people are shocked my mom has a kid that's as old as me. :p

    How'd everything go for you? I hope the interview wasn't too bad.

    And on a side note I'll finally have more free time this month! I've only got one class rather than two. I'll definitely get to using the tumblr too, and if there's anything else I can help with just let me know. I like taking advantage of my free time between classes to it's full extent. x)
    Not much at all. I was unlucky that day. I have a preference for slots since I can play them at my own pace. And this week was my own mom's bday! My brother got his license this week so we drove around and got her a strawberry shortcake. The tough part was catching my mom home however since she wasn't home a majority of the day, but when we got her by surprise she got offended by the 42 individual candles we put on it. I was happy I could get her a cake though since she got me one.

    Ah I know exactly what you mean with that! I mean when I used to work I loved mornings cause it was constantly busy through lunch at mcdonalds. And before I knew it I was home in the afternoons already. I don't like sitting around with nothing to do either since time does move slowly. But aw it really does sound like it'll close down if it's only open 3 days a week, sounds like a shame. :/

    Ohhh that is an excellent song! <3
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